Global MICE Cities

A compendium of our best rated cities, taking into account venues, transportation, ease of access,
accomodation offer and sustainability, for hosting a MICE event.

Why Japan

12 Highly Distinctive Cities

Cities which encapsulate the charm of Japan with their varying individualities are spread throughout the country. Japan has a number of cities perfect for any kind of business meeting with their own special characteristics, from Industrial, to academic, to cities of natural beauty, and cities at the forefront of advancement.

Take Sapporo for example. On top of being able to feel and be close to the natural beauty of Hokkaido, it provides everything you might need in a compact way. The richness of it's cuisine, not least of which it's seafood, is undoubtedly one of its many charms.
As a national strategic special zone formed as Japan's highest level bio-medical cluster, Kobe is a city on the leading edge of the medical treatment industry. With its world famous brand of "Kobe beef", and its cultural and historical significance as a trade port, it's a city that flourishes with an exotic atmosphere. Hiroshima is a city famous around the world as a symbol of peace, and is an area thriving in automobile and other manufacturing industries. This coastal city is home to the famous world heritage site of "Itsukushima Shrine". The majestic scenery is a popular highlight for foreign travellers.
Fukuoka, as a central part of Kyushu, on the west side of the Japan archipelago, excels in convenience, with access to the city center only a 10 minute subway ride from the airport. Owing to the various kinds of large and small facilities for conventions, and a point of focus for excursions from throughout Kyushu, many meetings are held there.
World famous cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto are also amazing in their own right, but as a business meeting destination, the abundance of choices of various individualistic regional cities is one of the charms of Japan, and will, no doubt play a part in ensuring that your business meeting is a success.


Multiple accomodation possibilities
Proximity to snow abundant ski resorts
Top-tier facilities and infrastructure



Easily accessible from Tokyo and East Asia major hubs
Comfortable and functional urban environment
An academic center with a global feel



Best access in Japan through Japan's main hub Narita
Japan's leading prefecture in MICE
Multiple offsite activities



Prestige / Status of one of the world leading capital cities
Highest grade infrastructure



Japan's leading port of call since the Meiji era
Home to 28 universities as well as NPOs/NGOs HQs
Major center for R&D investments



Central Japan's largest city with direct flights from the major airports in the world
Advanced Technology and Samurai culture



Strong historical background
Long tradition of hosting congresses
Abundant offsite cultural touristic sites



Japan's second largest city
Top-tier int'l airport hub with direct flights from all over the world



Historical port of call of the Kansai area
Dynamic metropolis boasting recent



Gateway to the Setouchi inland sea area
World capital for peace and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons



Regional capital of the island of Kyushu
50 Universities in the city, 125 in the prefecture
Largest number of ferry lines between continental Asia and Japan



OECD “Green Growth” Model city
Historic port of call of the island of Kyushu