Why Incentives in Japan

Aside from cutting edge facilities, there are one-of-a-kind Japanese


Four Reasons Japan is a Top Incentive Destination

Japan inspires new ideas that cultivate innovation.

Japan is a country of cutting-edge technology and ancient tradition – although it might seem like a contradiction, it is in fact the secret to Japan’s unique ability to engage and inspire visitors.

Japanese hospitality sets a whole new standard.

Visitors will notice Japanese hospitality - omotenashi - everywhere; at comfortable hotels and traditional inns, in punctual public transportation, and embedded into service of the highest quality.

Japanese culture is a catalyst for team-building.

Traditional festivals, sushi-making, and taiko drum workshops: Japanese culture offers an abundance of tried and tested team-building techniques.

Japanese culture has existed harmoniously within nature since ancient times.

With spectacular mountains, forests, and ocean views just a stone’s throw from some of the greatest cities in the world, visitors can immerse themselves in Japan's diverse landscapes and rich natural environment.

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