New ideas start here

Your business events aim to inspire.
In safe, clean, convenient Japan,
the best of tradition and modern technology can deliver satisfaction to
your participants beyond the highest expectations.
You can be sure your event will succeed,
and new business opportunities will be born!

A unique culture where a rich heritage contributes to an exciting future

In Japan, you will see timeless beauty side by side with dynamic breakthroughs in technology, culture and quality of life. Meticulous attention to detail combines with exquisite craft tradition to create cutting-edge solutions. This unique fusion will spark inspiration and ideas among your participants.

Boundless variety means endless inspiration

Japan spans 20+ degrees of latitude. Visitors can enjoy a stunning range of landscapes and ecosystems, as well as historic cities and towns. Surprisingly short journeys can take your group to diverse destinations with venues offering unique meeting and event experiences. Whether it’s a party at a famous shrine, team-building through karate on a sub-tropical beach in Okinawa or ice-walking in Hokkaido, even those familiar with Japan will always be discovering something new and amazing.

Concentrated knowledge, critical connections

Japanese culture has always been open and welcoming to those who bring or seek knowledge. Japan has made an impressive contribution to academic and industrial progress with a stream of papers in such fields as space science and physics, as well as the filing of numerous triadic patent families. Japan’s many clusters of world-class research institutions and companies offer countless options for networking and technical visits. Participants can look forward to accessing key people in industry and academia.

The reassurance of total reliability

Japan offers an unmatched focus on making things run smoothly day to day and right on time. It’s a recipe for stress-free success. Likewise, anything unexpected that could impact your event will be handled quickly and effectively. In today’s uncertain world, having your event in Japan means peace of mind, in the country that sets the standard for stability, preparedness and effective response.

Transport efficiency adds to convenience and event sustainability

Direct flights from cities around the world make Japan easy to reach. Once here, the smart design of train, subway and bus systems helps you avoid wasting time or energy. The crown jewel is the shinkansen bullet trains, racing between destinations and leaving like clockwork every few minutes. Swift and sustainable transport cuts CO2 emissions while helping you schedule with confidence.

The global pinnacle of sophisticated hospitality

Japan’s world-famous tidiness and politeness will delight your clients. Staff work tirelessly to please, and there’s no tipping! Again and again, you will experience the world’s best service: at hotel check-in, a conference venue, a chic cafe for a midday meetup, a corner convenience store for midnight necessities. Japan’s sky-high standards will inspire your group’s own passion for excellence.

The next big step in SDGs: resilient roots

Japanese culture is deeply rooted in harmony with nature. Citizens are mindful of their impact on others and our world. Cities are pursuing waste reduction and local production for local consumption. The resilience of traditional culture along with modern sustainability goals are in focus. And many options are offered--carbon offsets and more--for your event’s specific SDG goals.

Secure and sustainable.
Sophisticated and successful.
Japan is the perfect place for new ideas to start!