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As a longtime cultural and economic hub of Japan, Osaka has much to offer in terms of traditional and contemporary cultural tourism, from bunraku puppet theater (a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage) to Osaka-jo Castle, Dotombori, Universal Studios Japan and more. Another major advantage of Osaka is the easy access it offers to World Heritage sites in Kyoto, Nara, Kobe and Wakayama, which are all in the Kansai region. Some World Heritage sites can be reached in 45 minutes. In addition, Osaka’s food culture is so abundant that it is known as a kuidaore-no-machi (a town where you can eat until you drop). Osaka’s particular brand of hospitality is a great way to welcome guests from overseas.


Kansai International Airport Station→Namba Station:Approx. 40 min. by train(Nankai Electric Railway Limited Express “Rapi:t”)
Kansai International Airport Station→Osaka Station:Approx. 70 min. by train(JR Airport Rapid Service)
Kansai International Airport Station→Namba Station:50 min. by limousine bus
Kansai International Airport Station→Osaka Station:60 min. by limousine bus

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Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Hands-on Experience with Noh Theater at Yamamoto Noh Theater
Hands-on Experience with Noh Theater at Yamamoto Noh Theater
Sumo Experience
Sumo Experience

The OCTB will introduce unique programs to create lasting memories. Visitors can enjoy bunraku puppet theater (a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage) at the National Bunraku Theater, where English audio guides are available for a fee. Visitors can also enjoy noh and kyogen theater at the Yamamoto Noh Theater and Ohtsuki Noh Theater. The Yamamoto Noh Theater offers a special private program with English subtitles, and is also available for parties. There are countless hands-on experiences for visitors to take part in, among which some of the most popular include sumo wrestling in a real wrestling ring, making takoyaki (octopus dumpling), and crafting nigiri sushi.

Recent Trends in Regional Industry and Research in Osaka

Medicine: Regenerative Medicine and Rehabilitation

Medicine: Regenerative Medicine and Rehabilitation

As well as being the site of Japan’s first heart transplant, Osaka University is one of the country’s leading surgical research institutes, specializing in advanced fields such as organ transplant and culture.
Osaka University’s Institute for Protein Research is one of Asia’s core protein research centers. The institute attracts researchers in medicine, chemistry, physics and biology from throughout Japan and around the globe to undertake some of the world’s most ground-breaking research in this field.
Leveraging its strong ties with pharmaceutical companies, Osaka University’s Center for Drug Discovery, Design, and Development engages in practical, efficient drug discovery research and develops new processes for every stage of drug discovery from searching for the seeds of new drugs to clinical trials.

Engineering and Robotics

Engineering and Robotics

Osaka University’s engineering research ranks among the best in Japan, and in recent years robotics research has also flourished. Covering a wide range of fields from communications to materials development, this research extends to development of humanoid robots including intelligent robots capable of communicating naturally with humans.
Higashiosaka, adjacent to Osaka, has a high concentration of SMEs that lead in their fields in Japan in terms of both scale and quality.
The technical capabilities of these companies are world-class. In 2002 several Higashiosaka SMEs teamed up to begin independent development of an artificial satellite, which they succeeded in launching in 2009. Following on from that project, in 2010 they took up the challenge of developing a humanoid space robot.
These types of initiatives make Osaka and the surrounding areas one of Asia’s most advanced centers of manufacturing excellence.

New Energy

New Energy

Clusters of electrical machinery and materials manufacturers in and around Osaka attract companies working on every stage of new energy development, from basic research to commercialization. A vibrant new energy industry is now growing up in Osaka, making the most of these industry clusters to develop products including solar panels and batteries.
Since 2014 the Battery Strategy Research Center in the Osaka Bay area has been conducting cutting-edge research in areas such as lithium ion batteries and hydrogen grids.

Support Programs for Convention

Support for bidding process
Category Type of Support Availability Languages
Site inspection Arranging an inspection trip for site selection English
Support for hosting/preparation
Category Type of Support Availability Languages
PR Support for encouraging participation in the event English
Supporting other PR activities English
Conference and event preparation Providing information on PCOs, travel agencies and event management companies English
Providing information on reception venues (including unique venues) English
Providing information on related programs (local attractions, traditional performing arts, post-convention programs, sightseeing and hands-on experiences with Japanese culture for persons accompanying conference participants) English
Providing tourism information English
Requesting nominal support English
Coordinating with relevant organizations English
Conference and event operation Arranging reception venues (including unique venues) English
Arranging volunteers English
Setting up an information desk English
Providing maps/guidebooks for participants English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean
Arranging shuttle buses
Providing convention bags English
Hospitality Welcome posters and digital signage English
Welcome message by the head of the local government English
Providing discount tickets to tourist facilities English
Providing discounts on public transportation English
Dispatching tourism ambassadors English
Related programs Making arrangements for attractions and traditional performing arts English
Making arrangements for post-convention programs
Making arrangements for sightseeing and hands-on experiences of Japanese culture for persons accompanying conference participants
Arranging tour interpreters and guides

Support Programs for Incentive Travel

Support for Promoting Incentive Travel
Type of Support Availability
Site inspection support (provision of accommodation, food, tourist activities)
Creation of draft proposals, providing information
Support During Incentive Travel
Type of Support Availability
Airport transfer services
Welcome banners
Chartered transport (e.g. coaches)
Prepaid cards for public transport
Venues (MICE facilities, unique venues)
Event management services
Recruiting volunteers to assist at events
Excursions, technical visits etc.
Attractions, entertainment etc.
Experience programs
Local cuisine, traditional cuisine
Greeting at airport or station -
Greeting or welcome letter from local government head -
Travel brochures
Discount coupons -
Giveaways -