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Yatsurugi Hachiman Shrine

Yatsurugi Hachiman Shrine

It is said that Yatsurugi Hachiman Shrine was built in honor of Tachibanahime, who tried to calm the rough sea during the eastern expedition of Takeru Yamato. It is said to recieved 3 red seal of stones from Ieyasu Tokugawa and was listed as a village shrine in 1591.
This historic shrine can be used as venue for small meetings, dinner receptions, etc.

Seating Capacity (Banquets)
Area(m2 Wi-Fi


50 80 - -

30 minutes from Haneda Airport
5 minutes on foot from Kisarazu Station

Food/drink Food and drinks allowed
Indoor/Outdoor/Outside (With roof) Indoor meeting rooms available
Accessibility ×
Elevator ×

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Chiba Convention Bureau

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