Japan: Competitiveness in Academia and Industry

– Introduction of Excellent Cities

This booklet provides overviews of 16 Japanese cities that are leading venues for international conferences, profiling the characteristics and strengths of their local industries, highlighting fields of cuttingedge academic inquiry and research, and outlining industrial trends.


<This pamphlet includes the following information>

Japan’s Position in the Asia Pacific
Japan’s Three Major Metropolitan Areas (Greater Tokyo / Greater Nagoya / Greater Osaka)
Overview of Featured Cities
Introduction of Each Cities

<Introduction of Each Cities : Tokyo>

Each of the city pages provides details on the distinctive and outstanding academics and industries, along with relevant data and rankings. In the Organizer Comments section, you can learn about the advantages of holding a conference in the city along with actual case studies. We hope you find this information useful when comparing and considering cities.

The next page contains topics on the academic and industrial strengths of each city.

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