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Nijo-jo Castle

Nijo-jo Castle

In Nijo-jo Castle which was build in 1603, you can feel the atmospher from 400 years ago to the present. The Karamon Gate which is designated at Important Cultural Property and the exculusive access to the areas that are? nomally closed to the public offer the memorable experiences that makes the most of the castle's histrocal values.

Seating Capacity (Banquets)
Area(m2 Wi-Fi


300 400 275000 Free
Directions Subaway Tozai Line, Nijojomae Station
Food/drink Available outside at receptions
Indoor/Outdoor/Outside (With roof) Indoor: Ninomaru-goten Palace Daidokoro Kitchen, Ninomaru-goten Palace Okiyodokoro, Tonan Sumiyagura and Koun-tei House
Others outside
Accessibility Multi-purpose toilets are located in the rest rooms in the Honmaru West Bridge rest area, Seiryu-en Garden rest area, and on the east side of Green Garden.
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