Exclusive Experiences


Japanese cuisine is one the most famous gastronomies in the world. Meet in Japan to find, besides the most famous specialities, regional variations and "soul food" culture that make the combinations virtually infinite.

Don't stop 'til you get enough! The wanko soba experience in Morioka!

Emblematic of the Morioka prefecture, the bite-sized bowls of wanko soba noodles are served continuously so that the guest never has an empty bowl. They are served without a pause until you give up. Rack up a figure in the hundreds and win a prize! Who'll be your team's wanko soba champion?

Learn how to make the Kagawa prefecture's emblematic sanuki udon noodles from wheat flour.

On the island of Shikoku, learn how to make the iconic sanuki udon, a local popular dish notable for its al dentetexture. Learn this recipe hands-on with your team, and together soak in the Japanese home cooking traditions.