So many possibilities

Palace, castle, park and garden. Mountain, river, lake and ocean. Zen tranquility, festival revelry. Contemporary cosplay and hot spring retreats. All this and so much more—plus food, drink and service whose exceptional quality you can simply take for granted.

Stimulating company

Japan has all the expertise you need, no matter what academic subject or business objective you plan to tackle. Think Nobel laureates and top cosmopolitan executives—bringing gatherings to life, adding value to networks, and offering uniquely valuable insights.

Smooth operations

Events run like clockwork and a great deal will surpass your expectations. But true peace of mind comes from knowing that should any challenge arise, outstanding normal service will soon be restored. Being able to focus boosts well-being and creativity.

A world of wonder

Japanese culture is constantly generating new wonders in every realm from technology and medicine to stationery and restaurants. In this land of fantasy and imagination, a quick visit to a department store may result in fascinating discoveries and lasting memories.

New experiences

So much of what visitors discover in Japan is new, but so much of that new is good. Japan offers a huge range of opportunities to open your senses to a fascinating range of first-time experiences, but also a chance to relax and reflect—a perfect recipe for original thought.