Easy Access

Direct International Flights

Nearly all major international airlines offer flights to Japan, serving one of Japan's 3 major international hub airports. The country is also lucky to have over 30 regional airports serving other Asian destinations, and numerous domestic airports. Among these, Narita is the most common port of entry into Japan, and is used by over 34 million international passengers every year.

Domestic Transportation

Japan's public transportation system is one of the world's largest and is considered to be a global leader in terms of quality. The network of aviation and rail systems make it possible for travellers to access almost all of the country easily, quickly and comfortably. Within individual cities, subway and bus routes are well organized, making navigation simple.

Domestic Flights

There are over ninety domestic airports throughout Japan, making it possible for visitors to reach all corners of Japan from within two hours of arriving in Tokyo.


There are 27,000 km of rails running the length and breadth of Japan. This huge system is known for its efficiency and is almost always accurate to the minute. The Shinkansen ("bullet train") runs at speeds of up to 300 km/h and at a frequency of one every few minutes between large cities, making rail travel often even quicker than flying domestically.

Urban Railways and Subways

In Japan's largest cities like Tokyo and Osaka, the rail and subway systems are circularly-arranged with lines radiating from the city centers. They make travel around cities very fast and convenient – for example, Tokyo alone has over 280 stations on 13 subway lines, making it easy to reach all corners of the city quickly.

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