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Every convention city in regional Japan offers key features that event planners and participants seek for success, along with other benefits that they might not even anticipate. Here we present five special locations in the west of Japan that have excellent spaces to gather, professional expertise that facilitates valuable output, and ready access to one-of-a-kind experiences that generate enduring happy memories. Five compact cities, each with a distinct appeal, each within easy reach of a major airport or station, and each delivering the comprehensive service and support that you need to keep your event moving smoothly forward from start to finish—plus great subsidy programs!

Inspiring Experiences

Spend a couple of hours to learn the basics of udon noodle making. Great fun when experienced as a group, this workshop ends with a well-deserved tasting session.

Join a master of Japanese paper confection and make your own umbrella or lantern using traditional techniques for shaping, cutting and dyeing.

Take a journey off the beaten path with these bicycle tours of the surroundings of Hiroshima. Discover the unique beauty of the Setouchi inland sea and its islands.

Be a ninja for one day. Experience the legendary spies' outfits and training. You'll receive an initiation to "chanbara", the sword fight, and "shuriken", the ninja stars.

Try and wear a kimono at the Okayama castle and experience what the princesses and lords of the era felt, wandering around in their fancy outfits.

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