Mitsui Minato Club

Mitsui Minato Club
Mitsui Minato Club
Mitsui Minato Club
Mitsui Minato Club

Historic building/Museum/Art Gallery

2-6 Nishiminatomachi, Omuta, Fukuoka 836-0062 JAPAN
From JR Omuta sta.: 5 minute car ride

Availability of Foreign Language


Introducing to Facilities

The Minato Club opened at the same time as the Port of Miike opened, in August 1908. Since then, it was used as a social club for people associated with Mitsui, as a place of accommodation and entertainment for foreign visitors, and as a guesthouse for members of the imperial family or political and financial circles. In January 1969, it was recommended by the Architectural Institute of Japan as a western-style building representative of the Meiji Era.

Parking Space

Parking Buses: 5 parking lots /Passenger vehicles: 60 parking lots

Space Available for Event

  Types of Possible Events / Occasions Maximum capacity Prices
Garden (app. 9,917 ㎡)  Beer garden  150 people  ¥3,500 and up
plus tax 
Banquet hall  1) Wedding party
2) Lunch or Dinner party 
120 people  1) ¥8,000 and up plus tax
2) ¥1,000 and up plus tax 

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