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One Day in Sapporo

AM Depart hotel in Central Sapporo
15 min. by bus
(1)Hokkaido Shrine
Located a short 15 minute drive from the city center, Hokkaido Shrine is beautiful year-round, but is particularly popular in May, when more than 1,200 cherry trees blossom. This sudden burst of pink adds to the already impressive atmosphere of the shrine. The shrine is also the site of the Sapporo Matsuri (festival) every June.
10 min. by bus
(2)Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium
Built as a facility for Sapporo’s Winter Olympic Games in 1972, the stadium is still host to ski jump events today, and even in non-event days offers a great view of Sapporo and the surrounding mountains.
15 min. by bus
(3)Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Factory
Shiroi Koibito are the famous producers of chocolate and confectionary that is famous throughout Japan and around the world, and their factory is set within the Shiroi Koibito Park, which consists of several historical buildings. At the Park, visitors can see, taste and experience making the company's many types of chocolates and other sweets.
30 min. by bus
(4)Otaru City
Otaru, a port city 30 minutes from Sapporo, is famous for its historic and well-preserved streets, fresh seafood, and artisanal crafts. Local craftsman are well known for creating studio glass, music boxes and other traditional items.
Lunch Sushi-making experience
PM 15 min. by bus
(4)Otaru Kihinkan
Tour of Otaru Kihinkan, a historic villa belonging to the former Aoyama clan.
50 min. by bus
(5)at Sapporo Beer Garden / Sapporo Beer Museum
At Sapporo Beer Museum, an official piece of Hokkaido's heritage, you can get to know the history of Japan's first beer brewers and see first-hand how the world-famous Sapporo Beer is made. The site has three beautiful dining halls where you can enjoy fresh Sapporo Beer straight from the source, as well as highlights of Hokkaido’s cuisine, including fresh crab, sushi, barbequed lamb and more.

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Three Days in Sapporo and the surrounding area

Day1 Depart hotel in Central Sapporo
30 min. by bus
(1)Sapporo Art Park
Sapporo Art park is made up of The Museum of Contemporary Art, the Sculpture Garden, various craft halls and studios, and artists’ cottages. The overall concept of this project is to bring art, in all of its forms, closer to the community. In addition to the permanent exhibition of pieces set against the natural surroundings of the Sculpture Garden, exhibitions of works by world famous artists are regularly held in the Park.
30 min. by bus
(2)Ainu Culture Promotion Center Pirka Kotan
Pirka Kotan is a center that highlights the culture of indigenous Ainu people. At the center, visitors can learn about the people who used to live on this northern island, and how they developed a unique culture. Visitors can also see, touch and experience this culture first-hand.
10 min. by bus
(3)Hakkenzan Winery
This winery grows 20 different varieties of grapes for their wines at the foot of Mt. Hakkenzan. Visitors can pick grapes and taste the before and after of the wine-making process.
10 min. by bus
(4)Jyozankei Hot Springs
Jyozankei Onsen is a hot spring oasis about 30 km southwest from central Sapporo. The area is filled with traditional Japanese ryokan (inns) and restaurants, and is the perfect place to relax after a long day of seeing the sights.

Stay in Jozankei HotSpring

Day2 Depart Jozankei
2.5 hours by bus
Niseko offers a spectacular backdrop in which to enjoy outdoor activities, as well as delicious food and relaxing in hot springs. Often referred to as one of the best spots in the world for skiers and snowboarders, it’s not just a winter destination – visitors can enjoy camping, rafting, hiking, climbing and cycling in the off-season. There are also several spas for relaxing and rejuvenating treatments!

Stay in Niseko

Day3 Depart Niseko
(a)2 hours by bus
(a)Noboribetsu Onsen
Noboribetsu Onsen has a great variety of hot springs, and is often accredited with being beneficial to the health and well being of those who soak In the local water. The area’s biggest attraction is Jogoku Dani (“Hell Valley”), a smoking thermally active spring, along with many outlets and bubbling springs – so named because it looks like the entrance to Hell.

Evening to Airport

(b) 2.5 hours by bus
Shopping and Golf in Chitose

Evening to Airport

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