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- 60 6382 -
*Capacity might be reduced as part of anti-COVID19 measures. Please confirm them beforehand.

25 min. walk from JR Okayama Station
Okaden Bus / Bound for Okaden Takaya, Get off at "Kencho-Mae" and 3 min on foot
Streetcar Bound for Higashiyama. Get off at "Kencho-dori" and 7 min on foot
(From Honshu area) 30 minutes from Sanyo Expressway Okayama IC
(From Shikoku area) 30 minutes from Seto Chuo Expressway Hayashima IC
Food & Drinks allowed
Outside (With roof):
Hayashibara Museum of Art is located beside the inner moat of Okayama Castle' northern region. This place was part of Okayama castle Ninomaru during the Edo period, and there was a meeting place (what is now called a guesthouse). In the Meiji period, it was used as the Okayama office of Ikeda family which was the former lord of the Okayama domain. The building was designed by famous architect Kunio Maekawa. The Japanese-style Nagayamon (gate), Dozo (warehouse), tea room and garden, merge together to create a relaxing atmosphere.
Accessible toilets available, there are steps indoors and installation of lift and slope outdoors.

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