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Seating Capacity (Banquets) Area(m2) Wi-Fi
 Seated  Standing
200 (Middle Hall) 500 (Middle Hall) 926.5 (Middle Hall) -
From Osaka Municipal Subway Midosuji Line "Yodoyabashi" station: approx. 5 min. walk
From Keihan Electric Railway Nakanoshima Line "Naniwabashi"Station: approx. 1 min. walk
Food and beverages prohibited in the Main hall and the Special room, allowed in all other rooms.
Outside (With roof):
The Main Hall : 1st floor seats 810 people, 2nd floor seats 351 people
Total of 1,161 people can be accommodated
Ramps and installation of step elevators at key areas inside and outside the facility

Contact Information

Cultural Affairs Dept., Cultural Affairs Division, Economic Strategy Bureau, Osaka City Government


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