Yamagata Airport→JR Yamagata Station:Airport shuttle (35 min.)
JR Tokyo Station→JR Yamagata Station:Yamagata Shinkansen (about 2 hr. 50 min.)
JR Sendai Station→JR Yamagata Station:Senzan Line (Express; minimum 1 hr. 12 min.)
JR Sendai Station→JR Yamagata Station:Highway express bus (1 hr. 7 min.)


1. Financial Assistance for Conventions
● For conventions
Lodging participants: At least 50 (international)/At least 200 (national)
•1,500 yen/resident of Japan
•5,500 yen/nonresident of Japan
● For bus rentals for conventions
Participants: At least 50 (international)/At least 100 (national)
•100,000-400,000 yen
* The maximum amount depends on the number of participants.
● For attraction expenses for international conferences
Participants: At least 50 (international)
•Up to 100,000 yen
2. Other Support Services
● Displaying welcome signage
At Yamagata Airport and train stations nearest convention venues.
● Providing Yamagata hospitality guides
“Umaibe Yamagata” is a guidebook that contains information about restaurants, lodging, souvenirs and tourism.
● Providing Yamagata information apps
“Yamagata MICE Navi” is an app with loads of convenient information for convention participants.
● Providing convention bags
Paper bags featuring images of Yamagata tourist attractions and local products. The bags are water-resistant and large enough to fit A4-sized paper.
* Subsidized price: 50 yen/bag, tax included
* Standard price: 120 yen/bag, tax included
● Providing/lending nametag holders
YCB provides other assistance for everything from planning to hosting conventions.

For details:
Yamagata Convention Bureau website

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Nothing says “Yamagata” like cherries!

Zao Ice Monsters during a special nighttime illumination

  • Cherry-picking
    A quintessential Yamagata experience only available in the early summer.
  • Zao Ice Monsters
    Weather patterns peculiar to Zao create juhyo, or ice monsters—trees covered with snow. Nighttime illuminations create a mystical atmosphere.
  • Soba-making
    Yamagata is well-known for soba noodles. This handson experience is available year-round.
  • Hirashimizu-yaki ceramics (Shichiemon-gama)
    Despite the same origin of pottery stone in Mt. Chitoseyama, there are many different styles of Hirashimizu-yaki ceramics. Shichiemon-gama pots are but one of those styles. These pots have a simple texture that captures the characteristics of the earth used to make it, and visitors are invited to try their hand at throwing a pot.


Yamagata Convention Bureau

〒990-0076, Japan 100 Hirakubo, Yamagata See the map

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