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1. Financial assistance for promoting/hosting conventions
[Subsidy Program]
(i) For large-scale international conventions
Up to 10 million yen for the expense of promoting and hosting international conferences in the city that last at least 3 days and attract at least 1,500 participants (of which at least 300 come from overseas).
(ii) For national conventions
1 million yen to 3 million yen for national or larger conferences with at least 500 participants.
(iii) For international conferences
500,000 yen to 5 million yen for international conferences that attract at least 100 people from at least 3 countries, with foreign participants accounting for at least 10% of the total.
(iv) For small-scale international academic conferences
Up to 200,000 yen for international academic conferences with 50-99 participants from at least 3 countries, or with foreign participants accounting for at least 10% of the total.
(v) For shuttle buses, etc.
Up to 500,000 yen for shuttle buses and other expenses for transporting participants between multiple convention venues within the city.
[Loan Program]
Interest-free loans of up to 2 million yen for up to 2 years to organizers to fund preparation for conventions to be held in Sendai city limits.
[Hospitality Options]
Sendai-style hospitality options are available for conventions held at venues in the city or at SenTIA supporting member facilities in Miyagi Prefecture, and that attract at least 300 participants or at least 50 foreign nonresidents of Japan. Examples include a troupe of performers dressed as the Date Busho-tai (samurai), Suzumeodori dancers, and local sake tasting.
* Please contact SenTIA about conditions and other details.
2. Other Support Services
● Providing introductory information about Sendai
(Languages: English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Korean, Thai)
● Providing promotional pamphlets and videos (DVDs) (Language: English)
● Support for preparing written proposals
● Providing image data related to Sendai
● Reception for preliminary visits
● Introducing PCOs, travel agencies, and other affiliated companies
● Proposing attractionsns
● Setting up hospitality desks, arranging language volunteers

For details:
Sendai Convention Navi

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Earthquake disaster ruins at Arahama Elementary School

Make-your-own Buddhist prayer beads at Entsu-in Temple

  • Arahama Elementary School, which was used as a disaster evacuation facility at the Great East Japan earthquake, has been preserved as a disaster ruin and is now open to the public. Visitors can walk through the school, where classrooms have been turned into exhibit rooms displaying photos, videos and lessons on how to prepare for disasters. Visitors can learn about the true power and danger of tsunami.
  • Escape to the quiet retreat of the Akiu district for a resort-style convention at a hotel with hot spring baths, and enjoy popular handson experiences like painting kokeshi wooden dolls.
    Matsushima, a group of islands designated as one of the top three scenic sites of Japan, is a place to enjoy a cruise of the bay, take walks through history, and experience making Buddhist prayer beads.


Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association (SenTIA)

〒980-0804, Japan 6F Higashinihon Fudosan Sendai Ichibancho Bldg, 3-3-20 Ichibancho, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi See the map

Venues overview

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Ryokan 51 9,374
Total 140 29,734