Kagoshima Airport→Kagoshima Chuo Station:Limousine bus (about 40 min.)
Hakata Station→Kagoshima Chuo Station:Shinkansen (about 80 min.)


1. Financial Assistance for Conventions
[Various Subsidy Programs]
(i) Subsidies tied to the number of lodging participants from outside Kagoshima Prefecture for conventions in Kagoshima City:
(a) 100,000 yen for at least 100 participants
(b) 150,000 yen for at least 200 participants
(c) 200,000 yen for at least 400 participants
(d) 250,000 yen for at least 600 participants
(e) 300,000 yen for at least 800 participants
(f) 400,000 yen for at least 1,000 participants
(g) 500,000 yen for at least 2,000 participants
(ii) Subsidies for shuttle bus expenses during conventions and bus expenses during preliminary visits, tied to the number of lodging participants from outside Kagoshima Prefecture:
(a) 50,000 yen for at least 500 participants
(b) 100,000 yen for at least 1,000 participants
(c) 200,000 yen for at least 3,000 participants
[Loans for Convention Preparation]
Terms and conditions: Interest-free loans for up to 2 years for up to 3 million yen for up to 20% of total expenses of conventions that result in at least 100 hotel-room nights by nonresidents of Kagoshima Prefecture
* Please contact KCVB for details about financial support.
2. Other Support Services
(i) Providing tourist pamphlets, discount coupons for cultural and tourism facilities (only for nonresidents of Kagoshima Prefecture), tourism and restaurant maps, convention bags and other materials
(ii) Setting up tourism booths staffed by volunteer guides (for conventions with at least 500 participants who are nonresidents of Kagoshima Prefecture)
(iii) Setting up 1 welcome sign
(iv) Host site PR brochures
(v) Introducing convention venues, hotels, travel agencies, attractions and more
* Please contact KCVB for details about support and services.

For details:
Kagoshima Convention & Visitors Bureau website

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Hands-on farming experience at Green Farm Agriculture Park

The Saigo Takamori statue on the Kagoshima walking tour

Options for experiencing the nature, history and culture of Kagoshima.

  • Green Farm Agriculture Park
    Try your hand at farming and experience food, the environment and more in this expansive, 41.3-ha park that contains a plantation restaurant, farm plots for tourist experiences, and abundant nature.
  • Kagoshima walking tour
    Take an informative tour of Kagoshima with a volunteer guide. Feel the air of reformation while strolling through this city punctuated by history and culture, that has produced so many extraordinary people.


Kagoshima Convention & Visitors Bureau

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