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1. Financial Assistance for Conventions
[Subsidy Program]
Up to 3 million yen for up to half of eligible expenses.
〇 Eligible expenses: Venue usage fees, lease fees for equipment for use at venues, printing and binding expenses (Miyazaki Prefecture vendors only), local tour (excursions, etc.) expenses, speaker honoraria, travel expenses, lodging expenses
〇 Eligible conventions: Kyushu regional or larger conventions (except conventions with a rotation of host cities that includes Miyazaki) that result in at least 100 hotel-room nights by nonresidents of Miyazaki Prefecture
∙ Amounts: Up to 300,000 yen for conventions that result in 100-249 hotel-room nights by nonresidents of Miyazaki Prefecture; up to 600,000 yen for 250-499 hotel-room nights; up to 1.2 million yen for 500-749 hotel-room nights; up to 1.8 million yen for 750-999 hotel-room nights; up to 2.4 million yen for 1,000-1,249 hotel-room nights; and up to 3 million yen for at least 1,250 hotel-room nights; (Exceptions: Up to 1.2 million yen for international conferences that result in at least 20 hotel-room nights by foreign participants, and up to 600,000 yen for academic conferences that result in at least 50 hotel-room nights by nonresidents of Miyazaki Prefecture)
2. Please contact MCVB for details about foreign incentive tours (assistance to travel agencies).
3. Other Support Services
• Inviting organizers for preliminary visits MCVB will pay part of the expense of preliminary visits to venues by organizers
• Various consultation and advice about conventions
• Setting up welcome signs, providing local entertainment (except signs/entertainment, etc. that fall under convention subsidies)
• Providing tourism pamphlets, restaurant guides and other materials, introducing convention-related facilities and businesses involved in conventions
• Providing other services that meet organizers’ needs.

For details:
“Shun-Navi,” Miyazaki tourism information

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Takachiho Gorge, home of mythology enshrouded in abundant nature

Golf on courses that have hosted world-class tournaments Unique Venues

Visitors can enjoy a variety of after-convention activities throughout the year:

  • Golf Heaven: Golf can be played year-round. (Golf Academy lesson programs are also available)
  • Sports: Tennis, horseback riding, kayaking, scuba diving, water sports and a varied lineup of other activities.
  • Tourism: Healing energy can be channeled from Miyazaki’s natural environment, including charming tourist attractions such as Aoshima, the Nichinan coast, and Shusen no Mori in the town of Aya, as well as forests, hot springs and various scenic spots described in the myths of the origins of Japan.
  • Industrial tourism: Visit agriculture and eco-themed facilities that make use of the characteristics of Miyazaki’s environment.


Miyazaki Convention & Visitors Bureau

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