Nagasaki Airport→Nagasaki City:Highway express bus (about 35 min.)
Fukuoka Airport→Nagasaki City:Highway express bus (about 2 hr. 10 min.)
Hakata Station→Nagasaki Station:JR Express (1 hr. 50 min.)


1. Financial Assistance for Conventions
* Please check for the most up-to-date information.
● For cultural and academic conventions (For Kyushu regional and larger conventions, with only half-subsidies available for conventions with a rotation of host cities that includes Nagasaki)
Financial support is offered for conventions held within Nagasaki city limits according to the total number of hotel-room nights within city limits.
At least 200 participants: 200,000 yen
At least 300 participants: 300,000 yen
At least 500 participants: 500,000 yen
At least 1,000 participants: 1 million yen
At least 1,500 participants: 1.5 million yen
At least 2,000 participants: 2 million yen
At least 3,000 participants: 3 million yen
● Attractions
Financial support is offered for attractions scheduled as part of conventions according to the total number of hotel-room nights within city limits.
At least 1,000 hotel-room nights: 50,000 yen
At least 2,000 hotel-room nights: 100,000 yen
2. Other Support Services
● Providing various materials
NITCA provides enough materials for the number of participants free of charge to organizers of conventions held within Nagasaki city limits. Tourism pamphlets are available in English, Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese.
•Tourism guides
•Restaurant guides
•Convention bags
•Envelopes for materials (240 mm x 332 mm)
● Posting welcome signs on the sides of streetcars (conventions that result in at least 1,000 hotel-room nights) at the ticket gates at JR Nagasaki Station (conventions that result in at least 500 hotel-room nights) and at Nagasaki Airport.
● Providing flyers for convention PR and lending tourism materials NITCA provides flyers for PR for conventions held in Nagasaki (for distribution outside the city), and lends tourism photos and videos
● Introducing and arranging attractions NITCA introduces and arranges ryu-odori (Dragon dancing) and other attractions that exhibit the characteristics of Nagasaki
● Introducing businesses that specialize in organizing conventions NITCA introduces event planners and managers, printers and advertisers, lodging facilities, travel agencies, souvenir shops and other specialized businesses

For details:
Support and services

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Hashima Island (Gunkanjima)

Oura Church

Get around Nagasaki City on Japan’s cheapest streetcar (flat 120-yen fare), which can also be chartered for private events. Tour sites that played an important role in Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution (registered as World Heritage sites in 2015), as well as sites related to the Christian church that are up for registration as World Heritage sites in 2018. Try shippoku-ryori fusion cuisine, fucha-ryori Chinese-style vegetarian cuisine and other distinct flavors of Nagasaki as well as hands-on experiences making castella sponge cake and champon noodle dishes.

  • Landing at Gunkan-jima (Battleship Island, a World Heritage site)
  • Ikeshima Island coal mining experience
  • Tours of hidden Christian sites in the Nagasaki and Amakusa region
  • Enjoying the Nagasaki night view, one of the top three night views in the world
  • Hands-on experiences making castella sponge cake and champon noodle dishes
  • Hands-on experiences with stained glass, Nagasaki embroidery


Nagasaki International Tourism and Convention Association

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