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1. For conventions
1. Subsidy Requirements
To be eligible for subsidies, conventions must require attraction to Ehime Prefecture, and must satisfy each of the following conditions:
(1) The convention must draw participants from outside the Shikoku region.
50% of the maximum prescribed subsidy will be granted in the following cases, except for conventions that result in at least 2,000 hotel-room nights, which will be granted the regular subsidy:
(i) Conventions regularly held in the Shikoku region
(ii) Conventions regularly held in the Chugoku-Shikoku region or over a larger area
(2) The convention must not be held for the purpose of entertainment or profit.
(3) The convention must not be held for the purpose of political or religious activities.
(4) The convention must not disrupt public order or conflict with public morals.
(5) The convention must contribute to the promotion of industry or economic activity, or to the promotion of academic pursuits, technology or culture.
(6) The organizer must not be a prefectural or municipal government, a core constituent of a prefectural or municipal government, or a group in which a prefectural or municipal government has a majority stake.
(7) The organizer may not receive other subsidies from the entities named in (6).
(8) The convention must result in at least 100 hotel-room nights by nonresidents of Ehime Prefecture at lodging facilities within Matsuyama city limits.
(9) Other conditions deemed necessary by the MCVB Director.
2. Subsidy Amounts
Up to 1 million yen for conventions that result in at least 100 hotel-room nights
* Subsidies from Ehime Prefecture are also available.
(1) Up to 300,000 yen (20,000 yen/person) in additional subsidies for conventions that draw at least 5 participants from outside Japan (not including exchange students and foreign residents of Japan)
(2) Up to 20% of the total cost of the convention.
* Please contact MCVB for more details about subsidies.
2. Other Forms of Support
(1) Support for preparing written proposals/plans for potential venues
(2) Introducing, communicating and coordinating with venues and facilities, lodging facilities, PCOs, travel agencies, supporting member corporations, local entertainment groups and others
(3) Lending and providing images, videos (DVDs), photo data and other materials for introducing Ehime Prefecture and Matsuyama (Languages: English, Chinese, Korean, German)
(4) Support for preliminary visits before the convention site is finalized (communicating and coordinating, providing information and other support for visits and tours of venues, lodging facilities, etc.)
(5) Communicating and coordinating with local governments
(6) Cooperating with PR and advertising
(7) Displaying welcome signs with the convention name at Matsuyama Airport, providing local entertainment, etc. (for national-level or larger conventions with at least 1,000 participants)
(8) Providing convention bags, tourism pamphlets and booklets of discount coupons for tourism facilities free of charge
* Please contact MCVB for more details about support options.

For details:
Support, convention information

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Cycling mecca Shimanami Kaido

Pilgrims experiencing a heartwarming welcome

  • Experience cycling the Shimanami Kaido
    Create a once-in-a-lifetime memory by taking an invigorating bicycle ride on the worldfamous Shimanami Kaido, which offers magnificent views of the Seto Inland Sea.
  • Pilgrimage experience
    Matsuyama is home to eight of the 88 temples on the Shikoku pilgrimage, including Ishite-ji, the 51st temple on the pilgrimage and the setting for the legend of Emon Saburo. Don the white clothing of pilgrims and experience the welcoming culture while walking along Iyoji, the ancient path through the region.


Matsuyama Convention and Visitors Bureau

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