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Subsidy Programs
Up to 5 million yen for Chugoku-Shikoku regional or larger conventions held within Tokushima Prefecture that result in at least 100 hotel-room nights at lodging facilities within the prefecture.
• For local entertainment, shuttle bus services, and after-convention bus tours Additional subsidy for approved conventions that result in at least 300 hotel-room nights
• For facility usage fees
Full subsidy for facility usage fees for approved conventions held in facilities established by the prefectural government that result in at least 1,000 hotel-room nights (usage fees for associated facilities and preparation expenses are not covered)
• For travel expenses for preliminary visits
* Requirements must be fulfilled to receive this subsidy. Please contact TPTA for details
• Introducing venues and lodging facilities
Introducing conference, reception, lodging and other facilities suited to the size and nature of each event
• Communicating and coordinating with relevant organizations
TPTA handles coordination with Japanese national and local governments and relevant organizations
• Introducing businesses involved with MICE
TPTA introduces supporting members from various industries who help put on conventions
• Support for preliminary visits
TPTA coordinates and provides support for preliminary visits of facilities and other locations within the prefecture
• Providing related resources
- Convention bags (extra fee for paper bags)
- Complimentary tickets for culture and tourism facilities
- Restaurant/souvenir guides
- Tourism pamphlets, maps and more
• Providing welcome signs
TPTA installs welcome signs at Tokushima Awaodori Airport and Tokushima Station to welcome the participants of large-scale conventions

For details:
Tokushima Convention Support

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Pilgrims on a pilgrimage around Shikoku Island

Hands-on experience with indigo dyeing

  • Experience impressive Awaodori dancing and walking pilgrimage tours
  • Experience traditional Awa washi (Japanese paper), indigo dyeing, and Otani-yaki pottery


Tokushima Prefecture Tourism Association

〒770-8055, Japan 1-1 Higashihamahoji,Yamashiro-cho, Tokushima See the map

Venues overview

Facility Rooms
Hotel 46 3,042
Ryokan 23 393
Total 69 3,435