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Kansai International Airport→Hiroshima Station:Total of approx. 140 min. by train (Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka Sta.)
Fukuoka Airport→Hiroshima Station:Total of approx. 75 min. by train (Shinkansen from Hakata Sta.)
Hiroshima Airport→Hiroshima Station:Approx. 45 min. by limousine bus
Hiroshima Airport→Hiroshima Bus Center:Approx. 53 min. by limousine bus

Venues overview

Facility Rooms
Hotel 94 10,690
Ryokan 53 800
Total 147 11,490


Hiroshima Convention & Visitors Bureau

〒730-0811, Japan 1-5 Nakajima-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima See the map

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Hospitality Civic Exchange Program

Heian tsubo-shozoku kimono dressing

  • Hospitality Civic Exchange Program
    Elementary school students lead tours of peace museums in elementary schools. This program also offers performances by local hospitality groups and hands-on cultural experiences with calligraphy, tea, origami and more.
  • Heian tsubo-shozoku kimono dressing
    Don tsubo-shozoku kimono to tour Miyajima dressed like court nobles of the Heian period (794-1185). Hands-On Experiences and Other Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Recent Trends in Regional Industry and
Research in Hiroshima


Hiroshima Prefecture is home to many major manufacturers including Mazda and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and has a high concentration of enterprises in the automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment, and ship-building fields.
In addition to development and production facilities operated by Mazda, one of Japan’s leading automotive manufacturers, Hiroshima has a wide range of automotive parts companies supporting such facilities, and these play a key role in the regional economy. Ship-building has a long history in the region, where Japan’s oldest dock was built in the 19th century. The Hiroshima Aircraft Industry Promotion Council has been established as a forum for collaboration among companies, university research institutes, and government agencies. Its initiatives are aimed at enhancing the productivity and technical capabilities of Hiroshima’s aircraft industry.


Hiroshima has many sports equipment manufacturers, including the headquarters of Molten Corporation and the main factory of Mikasa Corporation.
Many professional sports teams, including baseball, soccer, and basketball teams, are based in Hiroshima. The city and prefectural governments actively work to attract world sporting events in a variety of disciplines. In this context, the municipal government compiled the Hiroshima City Sports Promotion Plan and has been making efforts to develop human resources, etc.

Fisheries and Aquaculture

The Fisheries Research Agency facility in Hiroshima Prefecture works to resolve issues affecting fisheries environments and conducts research and development relating to the fishing and aquaculture industries.
Hiroshima Prefecture is Japan’s leading producer of oysters, and its thriving aquaculture industry also farms red sea bream.


As the site of the world’s first atomic bombing, Hiroshima continues to work tirelessly for world peace.
As well as the Hiroshima International Peace Summit, the city has hosted the United Nations Conference on Disarmament Issues, which was held in Hiroshima again in 2015.
Peace initiatives are taken in many fields, including Hiroshima City Univercity’s Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine.

Support Programs for Convention

Support for bidding process
Category Type of Support Availability Languages
Site inspectionArranging an inspection trip for site selection English
Support for hosting/preparation
Category Type of Support Availability Languages
PRSupport for encouraging participation in the event English
Supporting other PR activities English
Conference and event preparationProviding information on PCOs, travel agencies and event management companies English
Providing information on reception venues (including unique venues) English
Providing information on related programs (local attractions, traditional performing arts, post-convention programs, sightseeing and hands-on experiences with Japanese culture for persons accompanying conference participants) English
Providing tourism information English
Requesting nominal support English
Coordinating with relevant organizations English
Conference and event operationArranging reception venues (including unique venues)
Arranging volunteers English
Setting up an information desk
Providing maps/guidebooks for participants English
Arranging shuttle buses
Providing convention bags English
HospitalityWelcome posters and digital signage English
Welcome message by the head of the local government English
Providing discount tickets to tourist facilities
Providing discounts on public transportation
Dispatching tourism ambassadors English
Related programsMaking arrangements for attractions and traditional performing arts
Making arrangements for post-convention programs
Making arrangements for sightseeing and hands-on experiences of Japanese culture for persons accompanying conference participants
Arranging tour interpreters and guides

Support Programs for Incentive Travel

Support for Promoting Incentive Travel
Type of Support Availability
Site inspection support (provision of accommodation, food, tourist activities)
Creation of draft proposals, providing information
Support During Incentive Travel
Type of Support information
Airport transfer services
Welcome banners
Chartered transport (e.g. coaches)
Prepaid cards for public transport
Venues (MICE facilities, unique venues)
Event management services
Recruiting volunteers to assist at events
Excursions, technical visits etc.
Attractions, entertainment etc.
Experience programs
Local cuisine, traditional cuisine
Greeting at airport or station -
Greeting or welcome letter from local government head
Travel brochures
Discount coupons -


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