Yonago Airport→Matsue Station:Bus (45 min.)
Izumo Airport→Matsue Station:Bus (30 min.)
Shin-Osaka Station→Matsue Station:(Shinkansen NOZOMI) ⇒ Okayama Station (Limited Express Yakumo) ⇒ Matsue Station [3 hr. 30 min.]


1. Financial Assistance for Conventions
• Subsidy Program
Shimane Prefecture Subsidy Program for Academic Conferences and Conventions
“Academic conferences” refers to events held for the purpose of presenting and discussing academic research, and organized by groups that comprise scientists and that aim to improve and develop academic research.
“Other conventions” refers to conventions, conferences, gatherings and similar types of events.
Events that result in 100 or more nonresidents of Shimane Prefecture staying in lodging facilities within the prefecture are eligible.
For academic conferences:
Regional conferences: Up to 1,500,000 yen
National conferences: Up to 3,000,000 yen
International conferences: Up to 7,000,000 yen
For other conventions:
National: Up to 1,500,000 yen
International: Up to 3,500,000 yen
Matsue City Subsidy Program for Conventions
Chugoku regional or larger events held at facilities within Matsue city limits that result in at least 50 participants staying at lodging facilities within city limits are eligible.
Western Japan regional or larger sports tournaments that result in at least 300 participants staying at lodging facilities within Matsue city limits are eligible.
For academic conferences, conferences, conventions:
Chugoku regional conventions: Up to 600,000 yen
Western Japan regional conventions: Up to 800,000 yen
National conventions: Up to 1,000,000 yen
International: Up to 3,000,000 yen (with 10 or more foreigners participating)
For sports tournaments:
Western Japan regional conventions: Up to 800,000 yen
National conventions: Up to 1,000,000 yen
* For details, please contact the Matsue Convention Bureau.
• Loan Program
1 Interest-free loans of up to 1 million yen for each international conference as early as 3 years before the event.
2. Other Support Services
• Providing introductory information about Matsue (Languages: English, Korean, Chinese)
• Providing images and videos (DVDs) (Language: English)
• Preparing written proposals for potential venues
• Reception for preliminary visits
• Introducing PCOs, travel agencies
• Introducing attractions
• Arranging volunteers
• Providing welcome signs, attractions (local entertainment) at social gatherings
• Arranging convention tourism buses
• Providing tourism pamphlets
• Arranging convention bags

For details:
Matsue Convention Bureau Kunibiki Messe

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Tea area

Hands-on experience making Japanese sweets

The Edo-period (1603-1868) custom of drinking matcha green tea and eating Japanese sweets lives on in Matsue. For conventions at Kunibiki Messe, a tea area is set up inside the venue to welcome participants with matcha green tea and Japanese sweets.
Programs throughout the city include hands-on experiences making Japanese sweets, making tea in a teahouse, kimono dressing, soba noodle-making and more.
A variety of after-conference tour packages are available, including halfday and full-day tours of Matsue, tours of the Izumo area, art museum tours, and temple visits.


Matsue Convention Bureau Kunibiki Messe

〒690-0826, Japan 1-2-1 Gakuen Minami, Matsue, Shimane See the map

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