Kushiro Airport→Downtown Kushiro City:Bus (about 60 min.)
JR Sapporo Station→JR Kushiro Station:Limited express (6 round trips per day/about 4 hr.)


Convention Organization/Hosting Support Program
Conditions for international conventions:
(1) Maximum 1 million yen, (2) At least 2 participating countries (including Japan), (3) At least 10 participants from outside Japan, (4) 500 yen per Japan-based participant, 5,000 yen per participant from outside Japan
Conditions for Japanese conventions:
(1) Maximum 1 million yen, (2) At least 50 participants staying in Kushiro, (3) 500 yen/participant
Note that financial support for attractions, excursions, transportation and printing can be applied in addition to these maximum amounts.
* Please inquire about further conditions.
During Preparation
1. Receiving and coordinating preliminary visits to conference venues and lodging facilities
2. Providing informational tools to help with preparation
“MICE in Kushiro” pamphlet, tourism pamphlets, “MICE in Kushiro” DVDs (MICE facilities (10 min), After MICE (9 min), Kushiro Cuisine in Pictures (7 min))
3. Proposing/introducing attractions, after MICE options
4. Introducing/making arrangements with businesses involved in MICE
During Events
1. Establishing/loaning welcome tools
•Welcome posters
•Welcome banners and stands (roll screens)
•Original folded-paper cranes
2. Kushiro Marshland diorama exhibits
3. Setting up areas to sell products/provide tourism information
4. Tsuru-no-Ongaeshi stamp cards at Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO
5. Convention bags (extra fee)
6. Cooperating with communication with the mayor/PR with media outlets

For details:
Kushiro/Lake Akan-ko official website: Super Fantastic Kushiro Lake Akan

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Canoeing on the Kushirogawa River

Indigenous Ainu ancient folk dancing

  • Kushiro area: Visitors to Kushiro Marshland National Park can enjoy walking on boardwalks, canoeing on the Kushirogawa River and other experiences throughout the year.
  • Akan area: Visitors to Akan Mashu National Park can enjoy ancient folk dancing, making mouth harps and other experiences with indigenous Ainu culture at the Ainu Kotan


Kushiro Tourism and Convention Association

〒085-0017, Japan 3-3 Saiwai-cho, Kushiro, Hokkaido See the map

Venues overview

Facility Rooms
Hotel 31 3,714
Ryokan 20 271
Total 51 3,985