Kansai International Airport→Kintetsu Nara Station:(Nankai Express Rapid) ⇒ Namba Station ⇒ (on foot) ⇒ Osaka Namba Station ⇒ (Kintetsu Nara Line Rapid Service) ⇒ Kintetsu Nara Station [about 1 hr. 30 min.]
Kansai International Airport→Kintetsu Nara Station:Limousine bus (about 85 min.)
Kansai International Airport→JR Nara Station:(Limited Express HARUKA) ⇒ Tennoji Station ⇒ (Yamatoji Rapid Service) ⇒ JR Nara Station [about 1 hr. 15 min.]
Itami Airport→Nara City:Limousine bus (about 60 min.)
Tokyo Station→Kintetsu Nara Station:(Shinkansen) ⇒ Kyoto Station ⇒ (Kintetsu Limited Express) ⇒ Kintetsu Nara Station [about 3 hr. 10 min.]
Tokyo Station→JR Nara Station:(Shinkansen) ⇒ Kyoto Station ⇒ (JR MIYAKOJI Rapid Service) ⇒ JR Nara Station [about 3 hr. 30 min.]


1. Financial Assistance for Conventions
• Subsidy Programs
(i) Up to 600,000 yen for international conventions
(ii) Up to 200,000 yen for after-convention events (up to 100,000 yen for attractions, up to 100,000 yen for excursions, and up to 80,000 yen for hands-on experiences)
2. Other Support Services
• Providing introductory information about Nara (Language: English)
• Providing images and videos (DVDs) (Languages: English, Korean, Chinese)
• Preparing written proposals for potential venues
• Reception for preliminary visits
• Introducing PCOs, travel agencies
• Suggesting attractions
• Arranging volunteers (coffee servers, tour guides)
• Providing signs (Limited support for creating freestanding and hanging signs for conferences and conventions)
• Providing a certain number of plastic bags
• Providing a certain number of commemorative gifts

For details:
Nara Visitors Bureau website Convention support system

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Sake tasting

Shikayose (deer calling)

  • Attractions / excursions / hands-on experiences
    Sake tasting: This opportunity to taste the local sake of Nara, which is billed as the birthplace of refined sake, is an extremely popular attraction.
    Shikayose (deer calling): A seasonal tradition dating back to ancient Nara in which a horn is played to attract deer to Tobihino in Nara Park.
    Other experiences: Zen meditation, kimono dressing, ink stick making by hand, etc.
  • Specialty products
    Nara’s main traditional craft products are Nara brushes, Takayama tea whisks, akahadayaki red pottery and Nara ink. Local specialty products include mosquito nets, socks, athletic shoes and ski boots as well as Narazuke and other pickled vegetables, persimmon-leaf sushi, yoshinokuzu kudzu starch, somen noodles and local sake.


Nara Visitors Bureau

〒630-8361, Japan 3F Nara Visitor Center & Inn, 3, Ikeno-cho, Nara See the map

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