Kansai International Airport→Kobe Airport:Bay Shuttle Ferry (about 30 min.)
Kansai International Airport→Sannomiya:Limousine bus (about 65 min.)
Itami Airport→Sannomiya:Limousine bus (about 40 min.)
Tokyo Station→Shin-Kobe Station:Shinkansen NOZOMI (about 2 hr. 48 min.)


1. Financial Assistance for Conventions
• Subsidy Programs
(i) Subsidy from the city’s Portopia '81 Memorial Fund
Subsidies are provided for international conferences that satisfy the following conditions:
(a) Conventions held within Kobe city limits
(b) The organizer is a non-profit organization
(c) At least 5 participating countries (including Japan), and at least 100 nonresidents of Japan
(d) Duration of at least 3 days
(e) At least 300 participants
Up to 5% of conference expenses for a maximum of:
5 million yen for international conferences that satisfy (a) through (e) (Type A International Conferences)
2 million yen for international conferences that satisfy (a) and (b) (Type B International Conferences)
(ii) Up to 10 million yen from the Tsutomu Nakauchi Foundation
• Loan Program
Interest-free loans of up to 3 million yen for international conferences and up to 2 million yen for national conferences to serve as a contingency reserve for conventions to be held in Kobe.
• Conference facility discount
Different for each facility
* Please contact KCVA for details.
2. Other Support Services
• Providing introductory information about Kobe (Language: English)
• Providing images and videos (Language: English)
• Preparing written proposals for potential venues
• Reception for preliminary visits
• Introducing PCOs, travel agencies
• Suggesting attractions
• Arranging volunteers
• Providing the following services for the Meet in Kobe package for international conferences:
(i) Granting subsidies (Portopia ’81 Memorial Fund)
(ii) Loaning of funds for contingency reserves
(iii) Providing Kobe wine and Japanese sake at receptions
(iv) Providing convention bags
(v) Providing commemorative gifts to foreign participants
(vi) Introducing volunteer interpreters
(vii) Support for PR for open lectures
(viii) Introducing attractions
(ix) Subsidy for half of excursion bus rentals (up to 2 buses)
(x) Support for PR presentations for the upcoming conference in Kobe
(xi) Providing convention rates for lodging facilities
(xii) Up to 50% off general fares for the Port Liner and Rokko Liner
(xiii) Providing discount coupons for preferential services at tourist facilities and shopping outlets
(xiv) Providing tourism maps, maps of restaurants near the Kobe Convention Center
• The following services are also offered to Type A (large-scale) international conferences:
(i) Partial payment of the expenses of 1 organizer’s preliminary visit to the convention site
(ii) Partial payment of signage expenses

For details:
Kobe Convention Bureau

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

The Arima Grand Tea Ceremony at Arima Onsen

A jazz performance in Kobe, the birthplace of Japanese jazz

  • Pre-/Post-Convention
    KCVB introduces programs unique to Kobe, including banquets with 10 milliondollar night views from Mt. Rokko-san or the Port of Kobe, visits to Arima Onsen (one of the most time-honored hot springs towns in Japan), and visits to cutting-edge research facilities.
  • Hands-on experiences
    Kobe is an international city where a new culture is being forged from the traditions and cultures of its inhabitants from some 130 countries. The city also features many attractions that exhibit Japanese traditions. KCVB invites convention participants to enjoy the various attractions at the venues and unique atmospheres of Kobe.



〒650-0046, Japan 6-9-1 Minatojima-Nakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo See the map

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Hotel 61 11,642
Ryokan 11 705
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