City Details


Kansai International Airport→Kyoto Station:JR Airport Rapid Service (about 75 min.)
Kansai International Airport→Kyoto Station:Limousine bus (about 90 min.)
Itami Airport→Kyoto Station:Limousine bus (about 50 min.)
Tokyo Station→Kyoto Station:Shinkansen Nozomi Express (2 hr. 18 min.)
Nagoya Station→Kyoto Station:Shinkansen Nozomi Express (35 min.)

Venues overview

Facility Rooms
Hotel 182 22,436
Ryokan 368 5,317
Total 550 27,753


Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau

〒600-8009, Japan 78 Kankoboko-cho, Muromachi Higashi-iru, Shijo-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto See the map

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Kimono dressing experience

Flower arrangement experience

The wellspring of Japanese tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Noh theater, traditional industrial arts and a wealth of other Japanese culture continues to run through Kyoto, the capital of Japan for a millennium.

  • Hands-on experiences of traditional culture
    Enjoy hands-on experiences with Japanese tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy writing, Zen meditation, kimono dressing, Japanese cuisine, making Japanese sweets, and other traditional culture
  • Traditional performing arts
    Enjoy performances of traditional dancing, Noh theater, Kyogen theater, Kenbu sword dancing, Japanese taiko drums and other performing arts
  • Hands-on experiences/tours of traditional industry
    Enjoy studio tours and opportunities to make traditional textiles and pottery, kyoyuzen patterned silk, bamboo handicrafts and more