Tokyo Station→Takayama Station:(Tokaido Shinkansen) ⇒ Nagoya ⇒ (Takayama Line) ⇒ Takayama Station [about 4 hr.]
Tokyo Station→Takayama Station:(Hokuriku Shinkansen) ⇒ Toyama ⇒ (Takayama Line) ⇒ Takayama Station [about 3 hr. 40 min.]
Shin-Osaka Station→Takayama Station:(Tokaido Shinkansen) ⇒ Nagoya ⇒ (Takayama Line) ⇒ Takayama Station [about 3 hr. 10 min.]
Osaka Station→Takayama Station:JR Limited Express Wide View Hida (about 4 hr. 10 min.)
Nagoya Station→Takayama Station:JR Limited Express Wide View Hida (about 2 hr. 20 min.)
Shinjuku→Takayama:Highway express bus(Shinjuku → about 5 hr. 30 min.)
Osaka/Kyoto→Takayama:Highway express bus(Osaka → about 5 hr. 30 min.)
Nagoya→Takayama:Highway express bus(Nagoya → about 2 hr. 40 min.)


1. Financial Assistance for Conventions
[Subsidy Programs]
Takayama City convention subsidy: A municipal subsidy for conventions held in Takayama that draw at least 50 people.
•National conferences (including sports tournaments that last at least 2 days): Up to 1 million yen (10,000 yen x number of participants ÷ 10)
•International conferences: Up to 2 million yen ((10,000 yen x number of participants ÷ 10) + (10,000 yen x number of nonresidents of Japan))
* Participants from the Hida region (Takayama City, Hida City, Gero City and Shirakawa Village) are not eligible.
[Conference facility discount]
Event organizers who reserve the following venues through HTTCB are eligible for a discount on venue usage fees:
(1) Takayama Cultural Hall
(2) Hida Earth Wisdom Center
(3) Hida Local Industry Promotion Center
(4) Takayama City Library “Kanshokan”
2. Other Support Services
•Providing introductory information about Takayama (Languages: English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, French, Thai)
•Providing images and videos (DVDs) (Languages: English, traditional Chinese, Korean)
•Reception for preliminary visits (one-way transportation fees for up to 2 people)
•Providing convention bags, business cardholders
•Suggesting attractions (introducing local traditional performing arts)

For details:
Overview and support system

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Participants enjoying the fun of making soba noodles by hand, and then the delicious taste of their own noodles

Hands-on farming experience harvesting potatoes, corn, tomatoes and other vegetables

  • Rice planting and harvesting, apple-picking and other hands-on farming experiences with agricultural produce grown in this cold highland climate
  • Creating custom chopsticks from tree branches, catching river fish by hand, making soba noodles and other activities that involve mountain forests and rivers
  • Making straw-work and needlework objects and sarubobo dolls, vegetable-dyeing and other hands-on experiences with traditional handicrafts
  • Baking homemade senbei rice crackers


Hida-Takayama Tourism & Convention Bureau

〒506-1011, Japan 1-2 Honmachi, Takayama, Gifu See the map

Venues overview

Facility Rooms
Hotel 15 1,810
Ryokan 33 648
Total 48 2,458