Sapporo Shinchitose Airport→Matsumoto Airport:about 1 hr. 45 min.
Fukuoka Airport→Matsumoto Airport:about 1 hr. 25 min.
Shinjuku Station→Matsumoto Station:JR Chuo Main Line (150 min.)
Nagoya Station→Matsumoto Station:JR Chuo Saisen Line (120 min.)
Osaka Station→Matsumoto Station:JR Tokaido Shinkansen, Chuo Saisen Line (190 min.)
Tokyo→Matsumoto:Chuo Expressway & Nagano Expressway (160 min.)
Nagoya→Matsumoto:Chuo Expressway & Nagano Expressway (150 min.)
Osaka→Matsumoto:Meishin Expressway, Chuo Expressway & Nagano Expressway (270 min.)


1. Issuing complimentary tickets to 14 tourist attractions in the city, including Matsumoto-jo Castle
2. Setting up welcome signage in Matsumoto Station’s walkways
3. Providing tourism pamphlets
4. Providing convention bags
5. Support for bus transportation throughout the city
* Number of available buses varies by season
6. Support for preliminary inspections by conference organizers
7. Assistance with the process of applying for and receiving Matsumoto City Convention Promotion Business subsidies
* For academic conferences and conventions (excluding sports tournaments/events) held at conference facilities within city limits and expected to result in at least 100 hotel-room nights at lodging facilities within city limits Up to 1.5 million yen (1,000 yen/participant staying in lodging)
8. Assistance with early reservation procedures for convention venues
9. Introducing and arranging attractions/excursions
10. Assistance with press releases
11. Arranging local specialty product shops

For details:
Matsumoto Tourism & Convention Association

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Enjoy a stroll in Kamikochi with a view of the Northern Alps

There are many hot springs from the outskirts of Matsumoto to the Kamikochi area

The irresistible Japanese hometown feel is a trademark of the Shinshu region.

  • Tour history and art museums that reveal the history and culture of Matsumoto-jo Castle and the rest of the castle town of Matsumoto
  • Stroll through the resorts of Kamikochi to the west and the Utsukushigahara Highlands to the east
  • Enjoy a day trip to the hot springs at Asama, Utsukushigahara and more


Matsumoto Tourism & Convention Association

〒390-0874, Japan 3-8-13 Ote, Matsumoto, Nagano See the map

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