Komatsu Airport→Fukui Station:Shuttle bus (about 1 hr.)
Chubu Centrair International Airport→Fukui Station:Meitetsu Express, JR Tokaido Shinkansen, Hokuriku Line (Limited Express) (about 2 hr. 20 min.)
Kansai International Airport→Fukui Station:JR Kanku Express, Hokuriku Line (Limited Express) (about 2 hr. 50 min.)
Tokyo Station→Fukui Station:JR Hokuriku Shinkansen, Hokuriku Line (Limited Express) (about 3 hr. 20 min.)
Tokyo Station→Fukui Station:JR Tokaido Shinkansen, Hokuriku Line (Limited Express) (about 3 hr. 30 min.)


1. Financial Assistance for Conventions
(i) Convention subsidy: Up to 500,000 yen for academic conferences, research seminars, corporate meetings and training, and sports tournaments (only those held in Fukui Prefecture for the first time) that draw at least 100 participants from at least 3 prefectures (including Fukui), and last for at least 2 days and involve lodging.
Note that the subsidy is available for academic conferences that involve lodging for at least half of at least 50 participants.
(ii) Long convention supplement: An additional 50,000 yen is available for events that last at least 3 days.
(iii) Tourism and excursion subsidy: Up to 200,000 yen for half of expenses for tourism and excursions to promote the appeals of Fukui as a way to create positive memories of the event.
(iv) Shuttle transportation subsidy: Up to 100,000 yen for half of expenses of bus, train and taxi transportation to auxiliary venues and lodging facilities for events of at least 300 participants.
(v) Attraction subsidy: Up to 50,000 yen for attractions that add color to opening ceremonies and receptions.
(vi) International MICE subsidy: Up to 1 million yen (10,000 yen/hotel-room night in Fukui Prefecture for nonresidents of Japan) for events that draw at least 10 nonresidents of Japan.
2. Other Support Services
(i) Providing information: Suggesting excursions, providing information about convention/lodging facilities.
(ii) Event PR: PR for events on the FCVB website and in the FCVB “Convention Express” bulletin.
(iii) Lending equipment and materials: Lending staff name tags, tourism DVDs and the like free of charge.
(iv) Welcome signs at stations: Displaying welcome signs at stations free of charge for large-scale conventions that draw at least 1,000 participants.
(v) Taxi door stickers: Displaying welcome stickers on the rear doors of taxis in the Fukui Prefecture Taxi Federation for large-scale conventions that draw at least 1,000 participants.
(vi) Hospitality booths: Setting up tourist information booths for eligible conventions.
(vii) Souvenir and local product exhibitions: Assisting with the exhibition of foods and products from the land and sea, famous sweets and other local Fukui Prefecture products at convention venues.
(viii) Various pamphlets: Providing various tourism pamphlets free of charge.
(ix) Convention bags: Distributing paper/plastic convention bags for a fee.
*Subsidy programs will be revised in FY 2019

For details:
Fukui Convention & Visitors Bureau “Conventions” page

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Zen meditation experience

Dressing in period costumes

  • Zen meditation experience
    Refresh the mind and body in the stillness of Daianzen-ji Temple. The humor-packed sermons are a hit with visitors.
  • Soba-making experience
    Make soba noodles with soba flour produced in Fukui Prefecture at a certified restaurant, and enjoy fresh oroshi-soba noodles with grated daikon radish.
  • Dressing in period costumes
    Experience what it feels like to wear clothing from the time of the recreated townscape at the Ichijodani Asakura Family Historic Ruins. This event is very popular with foreign participants.
  • Local attractions for creating a festive mood at social gatherings
    Mini harp concerts featuring marimba and harp performances that typify Fukui Prefecture.
    The Katsuyama Sagicho-bayashi (music of the Katsuyama festival) features performers dressed in red nagajuban kimono undergarments, playing lilting rhythms on taiko drums.


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