Komatsu Airport→Kanazawa Station:Limousine bus (about 40 min.)
Tokyo Station→Kanazawa Station:Hokuriku Shinkansen Kagayaki (about 2 hr. 30 min.)
Osaka Station→Kanazawa Station:Limited Express Thunderbird (about 2 hr. 30 min.)
Nagoya Station→Kanazawa Station:(Tokaido Shinkansen Hikari) ⇒ Maibara ⇒ (Limited Express Shirasagi) ⇒ Kanazawa Station[about 2 hr. 30 min.


1. Subsidy Programs for Conventions
[Subsidy Program]
For participants who are nonresidents of Ishikawa Prefecture:
International academic conferences: Up to 10.5 million yen
National academic conferences: Up to 6 million yen
[Loan Program]
2 years of interest-free loans of up to 1-3 million yen for up to 20% of event expenses
• For shuttle bus fees
Up to 1.5 million yen between Ishikawa Prefecture and Kanazawa City to cover the cost of shuttle bus transportation between multiple venues of academic conferences of at least 1,000 participants.
• For travel expenses for preliminary visits within Ishikawa Prefecture
30,000 yen/person for the lodging/travel expenses for up to 2 event organizers on preliminary visits within Ishikawa Prefecture to consider Ishikawa as a potential location for the event, before the event’s location has been finalized
• For promoting MICE in Kanazawa
A subsidy for MICE at primary venues within Kanazawa city limits.
(i) Up to 300,000 yen for 2/3 of eligible expenses for traditional Kanazawa performing arts at receptions, etc.
(ii) Up to 200,000 yen for up to 2/3 of eligible expenses for Kanazawa craft tourism (tours and hands-on experiences with traditional Kanazawa culture at studios/industrial arts facilities within Kanazawa city limits)
(iii) Up to 300,000 yen for up to half of eligible expenses for arranging simultaneous interpreters
2. Other Support Services
• Proposing/introducing and reserving venues and facilities
• Preparing written proposals for potential venues
• Reception for preliminary visits (subsidy for travel expenses for preliminary visits within Ishikawa Prefecture)
• Support for applying for convention subsidies and other assistance programs
• Providing introductory information about Kanazawa (Languages: English, French, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Korean, Thai, Italian, Spanish)
• Providing images and videos (DVDs)
• Introducing PCOs, travel agencies
• Suggesting attractions (subsidy for promoting MICE in Kanazawa)
• Arranging volunteers (volunteer tour guides who speak and understand English)
• Displaying welcome posters in shopping districts in Kanazawa
• Displaying digital welcome signage at JR Kanazawa Station and Komatsu Airport
• Displaying welcome stickers on the doors of taxis operating in Kanazawa
• Providing tourism guides with discount coupons for tourism facilities

For details:
Kanazawa Convention Bureau website

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Hands-on experience making Japanese sweets

Hands-on experience making gold leaf decorations

Kanazawa Craft Tourism

  • Making Japanese sweets (40 minutes/1,230 yen, includes a 500-yen shopping coupon)
  • Making gold leaf decorations (60 minutes/600 yen and up)
  • Yuzen kimono silk hand-dyeing (20 minutes/1,620 yen)
  • Making makie lacquerware (60 minutes/3,240 yen)
  • Painting Kaga Hachiman okiagari dolls (30 minutes/648 yen)


Kanazawa Convention Bureau

〒920-0918, JAPAN 9-13 Oyama-Machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa See the map

Venues overview

Facility Rooms
Hotel 55 8,067
Ryokan 100 911
Total 155 8,978