Niigata Airport→Niigata Station:Limousine bus (about 25 min.)
Incheon Airport→Niigata Airport:International flight (about 2 hr.)
Tokyo Station→Niigata Station:Joetsu Shinkansen (about 2 hr.)


•Event organizers appreciate Niigata for one of the strongest convention subsidy programs in Japan (up to 12 million yen including subsidies from Niigata Prefecture) as well as the city’s support and assistance from start to finish.
Niigata City: Up to 3.5 million yen
Niigata Prefecture: Up to 7 million yen (with an additional 1.5 million yen depending on the number of nonresidents of Japan who participate)
•Subsidy for attractions/excursions (up to 200,000 yen for half of expenses)
•Mobilizing goodwill ambassadors of Niigata tourism (extra fee for multiple ambassadors)
•Mobilizing convention volunteers (3,000-yen transportation fee)
•Providing convention bags, tourism guides, restaurant discount coupons and more free of charge

For details:
Niigata Prefecture and Niigata City Subsidy Programs

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Furumachi geigi dance performance

Mochi pounding at the Northern Culture Museum

A program for enjoying performances of Niigata’s Furumachi geigi (geisha), who carry on 200-year-old traditions.

  • The Niigata Hanamachi Teahouse program provides visitors with the chance to enjoy dancing as well as table games with Furumachi geigi in the former estate of a wealthy merchant.
  • The Geigi Dance program allows organizers to arrange geigi dance performances at the venues of social gatherings.
    (The city will subsidize up to 200,000 yen for half of expenses)

The Gono-no-Yakata program provides visitors with the chance to try pounding mochi (rice cakes) in groups of three (a tradition passed down from the days of wealthy Echigo Landowner Ito Bunkichi), write calligraphy and make washi (Japanese paper) at the Northern Culture Museum.


Niigata Visitors & Convention Bureau

〒951-8062, Japan 4F Nishibori Rokubankan Bldg., 6-894-1 Nishiborimae-dori, Chuo-ku, Niigata See the map