Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)→Maebashi Station:(about 100 min.)
Narita International Airport→Maebashi Station:(about 120 min.)
Tokyo Station→Maebashi Station:(JR Joetsu / Hokuriku Shinkansen, about 50 min.) ⇒ Takasaki Station ⇒ (Ryomo Line, about 15 min) ⇒Maebashi Station
Ueno Station→Maebashi Station:(JR Takasaki Line, about 2 hours) ⇒ Takasaki Station ⇒ (Ryomo Line, about 15 min) ⇒ Maebashi Station
Asakusa Station→Chuo Maebashi Station:(Tobu Limited Express Ryomo, about 2 hours) ⇒ Akagi Station ⇒ (Jomo Railway, about 38 min.) ⇒ Chuo Maebashi Station


1. Financial Assistance for Conventions
Maebashi Convention & Visitors Bureau: Promotion subsidy program
Conventions held within city limits for which a considerable amount of accommodation within city limits will be required:
● National and larger events
•Limited to conventions expected to draw at least 100 participants from throughout Japan (national events), or 50 participants from outside Japan (international conferences)
•Applications for subsidies must be submitted by September 30 of the fiscal year before the event.
* Maximum subsidy: 1 million yen
•International conventions
3,000 yen/foreign nonresident of Japan + 1,000 yen/nonresident of Gunma Prefecture
•National conventions
1,000 yen/nonresident of Gunma Prefecture
● Kanto regional and larger
•Kanto regional and larger conventions for which MCVB provides support.
•Applications for subsidies must be submitted by March 31 of the fiscal year before the event.
* Maximum subsidy: 500,000 yen
500 yen/nonresident of Gunma Prefecture
* Please inquire for details about further conditions.
2. Other Support Services
● Providing tourism maps, food tour maps, convention bags
● Setting up welcome flags/horizontal banners, lending long banners
● Arranging exhibits of local product vending
● Introducing attractions (local entertainment)
● Reception for preliminary visits, introducing PCOs, travel agencies and other Maebashi companies involved in conventions
* Numbers of participants, event scale and other requirements exist in some cases.

For details:
Maebashi Convention & Visitors Bureau website

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Lake Onuma atop Mt. Akagi-san

Walking through Sanden Forest

  • Sanden Forest
    A 21st-century production plant in the middle of a forest. Visitors can tour the plant to learn how vending machines, showcases and other products are manufactured, and then step outside to experience nature in the surrounding forest.
  • Sausage making
    Visitors get an up-close experience of how to make genuine sausages. They can also try their hand at harvesting seasonal vegetables.
  • Sake Brewery Tours
    After learning how sake is brewed and touring the production facilities, visitors can taste many types of Japanese sake and shochu (Japanese distilled spirits).


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