Narita International Airport→Tsukuba Center:Highway express bus (minimum 55 min.)
Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)→Tsukuba Center:Highway express bus (100 min.)
Ibaraki Airport→Tsukuba Center:Highway express bus (60 min.)
Akihabara Station→Tsukuba Station:Tsukuba Express (TX) (45 min.)
JR Tsuchiura Station→Tsukuba Center:Local bus (30 min.)
Tokyo Station (Yaesu South Exit)→Tsukuba Center:“Tsukuba-go” highway express bus (100 min.)


1. Financial Assistance for Conventions
● Subsidy Program
Up to 1.8 million yen for event expenses for academic conferences held in Tsukuba.
•The main venue must be a facility within Tsukuba city limits.
•The event must be held over at least 2 consecutive days, not including travel for observation or tourism.
•National conferences: At least 200 participants
•International conferences: At least 50 participants
•Programs and other materials must include mention of cooperation from the Tsukuba Tourist and Convention Association and the city of Tsukuba
● Loan Program
Up to 3 million yen for academic conferences held in Tsukuba.
•The main venue must be within Tsukuba city limits
•The main event must be a conference
•The event must be non-profit
•Some national conference participants must come from outside the Kanto region
•Preparations must be made at least 6 months in advance
•Japanese national and local governments must approve of the event
* For details, please contact the Tsukuba Tourist and Convention Association.
2. Other Support Services
● Providing introductory information about Tsukuba (Languages: English, Chinese)
● Providing images and videos (DVDs) (Language: English)
● Preparing written proposals for potential venues (arranging invitation letters)
● Reception for preliminary visits
● Help with reserving conference facilities and lodging facilities
● Introducing PCOs, travel agencies
● Arranging volunteers (language, conference support, Japanese cultural introduction)
● Making arrangements for local product vending
● Arranging attractions (Japanese taiko drum performances, street hawker performances, etc.)
● Selling convention bags, providing tourism pamphlets, etc.
● Setting up welcome signs, banners

For details:
Tsukuba Tourist and Convention Association

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Attraction: Koto performance

Hands-on experience with Japanese culture:Japanese tea ceremony

  • A “Science Tour” of the many research facilities in Tsukuba is an optimal after-convention attraction.
  • TTCA provides information about flower arrangement, Japanese tea ceremony, kimono dressing, calligraphy writing and other hands-on experiences with Japanese culture for the companions of international conference participants.
  • TTCA arranges Japanese taiko drum and koto performances as well as street hawker performances for banquets and the like.


Tsukuba Tourist and Convention Association

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