Shonai Airport→Tsuruoka:Limousine bus (about 25 min.)
Yamagata Airport→Tsuruoka:(Airport shuttle: about 35 min.) ⇒ Yamagata Sta. ⇒ (Higahiway express bus: about 2 hr.) ⇒ Tsuruoka City
Tokyo→Tsuruoka:Highway express bus (about 8 hr.)
Sendai City→Tsuruoka:Highway express bus (about 2 hr. 20 min.)
Yamagata City→Tsuruoka:Highway express bus (about 2 hr.)
JR Tokyo Station→JR Tsuruoka Station:Joetsu Shinkansen (change trains at JR Niigata Station to local express; about 4 hr.)
JR Tokyo Station→JR Tsuruoka Station:Yamagata Shinkansen (change trains at JR Shinjo Station to local train; about 4 hr. 30 min.)


SVA offers the following programs to support and subsidize conferences and conventions in the Shonai area.
1. Helpful Items for Conventions
(i) Setting up welcome signs, flags (national or larger)
(ii) Providing convention bags (up to 200 free of charge)
(iii) Providing area maps, tourism pamphlets and more
(iv) Lending tourism DVDs
2. Consultation/Introductions for All Convention Needs
(i) Introducing unique venues, lodging facilities, transportation options
(ii) Planning and consultation for pre-/post-convention events (suggesting welcome receptions, excursions)
(iii) Introducing interpreters, tourism volunteers
3. Subsidies
(i) Requirements
•Regional/national: At least 200 participants staying in the area
•International: At least 50 participants staying in the area
(ii) Amounts
•1,500 yen/resident of Japan staying in the area
•5,500 yen/nonresident of Japan staying in the area
* Maximum total subsidy of 3 million yen per conference/convention

For details:
Please contact

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs


Kamo Aquarium

In addition to the living traditional culture and history, visitors to Tsuruoka can also enjoy an abundance of foods and a distinct, traditional food culture founded on over 50 native crops whose lineage has been preserved over the years.

  • Hands-on experiences of traditional culture
    Visitors try their hand at making traditional cultural handicrafts such as gotenmari balls, izumeko dolls and shinaori weaving.
  • Fruit-picking
    Visitors can pick cherries, Kariya pears, grapes and other seasonal fruits in orchards.
  • Kamo Aquarium: Home to more types of jellyfish on display than anywhere in the world
    Visitors can tour the aquarium and learn about jellyfish ecology in the lecture room (please inquire for details; reservations required). The restaurant on the grounds serves jellyfish cuisine.


Shonai Visitors Association

〒997-1392, Japan 19-1 Sodehigashi, Yokoyama, Mikawa-machi, Higashitagawa-gun, Yamagata See the map

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