Narita International Airport→Tokyo Station:Narita Express (53 min.)
Narita International Airport→Nippori Station:Keisei Skyliner (36 min.)
Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)→Shinagawa Station:Keikyu Line (11 min.)
Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)→Hamamatsucho Station:Tokyo Monorail (13 min.)
Narita International Airport→Major city hotels:Limousine bus (60-110 min.)
Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)→Major city hotels:Limousine bus (15-105 min.)


1. Financial Assistance for Conventions
(i) Promotion Subsidy Program
A system for covering a portion of promotion expenses for event organizers intending to hold international conferences that meet certain criteria in Tokyo.
(ii) Hosting Subsidy Program
A system for covering a portion of certain operation expenses for international conferences that meet certain criteria.
(iii) Subsidy Program for Starting/Hosting New Events
A system for covering a portion of preparation and operation expenses for event organizers intending to start new international conferences that meet certain criteria in Tokyo.
* Organizers must apply/register for these programs before event locations are finalized.
* Target: International conferences with at least 400 foreign participant hotel-room nights (number of foreign participants x duration of event (days))
* For details, check the BUSINESS EVENTS TOKYO section on the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau website.
2. Other Support Services
(i) For International Conference Promotion
(a) Preparation during the proposal stage
•Recommending optimal convention facilities in Tokyo (preparing venue usage plans, estimates)
•Arranging visits to venues
•Proposing accommodation plans, sightseeing plans, reception venues
•Support for devising basic plans (advising on creating overall basic plans, budgets)
(b) From campaigning to promotion
•Devising basic promotion strategies
•Financial and program support (promotion subsidies, hosting subsidies, programs)
•Support for preparing proposals (bids, papers) and presentation materials
•Support for receiving key people from abroad (arranging visits, introducing prominent tourist attractions)
•Support for campaigning and lobbying at general/directors’ meetings (providing promotion/attraction tools, etc.)
(ii) For International Conference Hosting
(a) Event preparation
•Introductions to event operators, travel agencies and other key collaborators
(b) Preparation after event location is finalized
•Promoting the future event in Tokyo by supporting promotion at the events leading up to it (providing maps and guidebooks, lending DVDs and banners)
•Event preparation (introducing welcoming venues, proposing tourism/cultural program plans, providing tourism information)
(c) Support during event
•Event operation support (providing maps/guidebooks for foreign participants, etc.)

For details:

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Kimono dressing

  • Edo-mokuhanga (woodblock prints)
    Watch a highly skilled woodblock printer create a traditional ukiyo-e woodblock print before your eyes, and then try your hand at creating one.
  • Kimono dressing
    Choose among kimono with different colors and patterns, learn the proper way of dressing with the help of a pro, and take a picture in your authentic kimono in front of a folding screen covered with gold leaf (Note: Participants do not have to remove their clothing).
  • Ikebana (flower arrangement)
    Learn the history of ikebana, watch a live demonstration, and then make your own flower arrangement in this popular hands-on experience.


Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB)

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