Narita International Airport→Omiya Station:Keisei Line, JR (about 100 min.)
Narita International Airport→Omiya Station, Saitama Shintoshin Station:Highway express bus (about 120 min.)
Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)→Omiya Station:Monorail, JR (about 80 min.)
Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)→Omiya Station, Saitama Shintoshin Station, Urawa Station, Musashi Urawa Station:Highway express bus (about 80 min.)
Tokyo Station→Omiya Station:Various Shinkansen lines (25 min.)


1. Financial Assistance for Conventions
(i) For conventions
(a) Events with the main venue in Saitama city limits, and at least 100 participants (at least 10% from outside Japan) for international conferences, or at least 500 participants (some must come from outside the Kanto region) for national conferences
(b) Maximum subsidy: 5 million yen for International conference / 1.5 million for Domestic conference.
* Applications must be submitted by June 30 of the fiscal year before the event
(ii) For after-convention events
(a) Events with the main venue in Saitama city limits, and at least 50 participants (from at least 3 countries (including Japan)) for international conferences, or at least 100 participants (some must come from outside the Kanto region) for national-level conferences
(b) Applications must be submitted for only one of unique venues, excursions or attractions. Up to 200,000 yen for half of expenses.
2. Other Support Services
(i) Providing introductory information about Saitama
(ii) Providing images and videos (DVDs)
(iii) Preparing written proposals for potential venues
(iv) Reception for preliminary visits
(v) Introducing PCOs, travel agencies
(vi) Suggesting attractions
(vii) Arranging volunteers
(viii) Coordinating with administrative bodies (requesting the nominal support of prefectural/municipal governments, greetings from heads of government)
(ix) Setting up souvenir vending booths
(x) Displaying direction signs at JR stations nearest venues (Omiya Station, Saitama-Shintoshin Station, Urawa Station)
(xi) Providing convention bags (Plastic: Free of charge/Nonwoven fabric: Extra fee)

For details:
Saitama Tourism and International Relations Bureau website

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Touring a bonsai garden

Enjoying a Noh theater performance

STIB introduces a variety of programs that enable visitors to enjoy and interact meaningfully with Japanese culture.

  • Hands-on cultural experiences
    Cultural experiences including bonsai garden touring, calligraphy writing, Japanese tea ceremony, flower arrangement, origami, kimono dressing and wrapping cloths
  • Traditional performing arts
    Enjoy Noh, Gagaku and other traditional performing arts


Saitama Tourism and International Relations Bureau

〒330-0853, Japan 3F JACK Omiya, 682-2 Nishiki-cho, Omiya-ku, Saitama See the map

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