Successful Bid – 20th International Congress on Animal Reproduction -ICAR2026- will be held in Obihiro, Japan!

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) is delighted to announce that Obihiro has placed the winning bid to host 20th International Congress on Animal Reproduction –ICAR2026– on June 22–26, 2026. This event has been actively promoted by Prof. Akio Miyamoto (Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine) and Dr. Kazuhiro Kikuchi (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization). The final presentation and voting took place on June 28, prior ICAR 2020+2 in Bologna, Italy. At the Closing Ceremony, there was also an opportunity to appeal for the 2026.

ICAR provides a forum for researchers in animal reproduction, namely animal physiology, animal pathology and reproductive technology. The conference is held every 4 years in various countries around the world with about 1,000 attendees, and this will be the very first one to be conducted in Asia.

Japan’s bid was highly rated in terms of the long-standing involvement in ICAR in a wide range of research and technological development in the field. Local and national governmental support also contributed to the success of the bid.

The JNTO, in collaboration with the concerned ministry and agency, assisted the ICAR 2026 Local Organization Committee to successfully attract the event. Dr. Kazuhiro Kikuchi, the secretary general of the ICAR 2026 Local Organization Committee in Japan, serves as a Japan Conference Ambassador of JNTO. We look forward to welcoming you to Japan, in June 2026!
the Closing Ceremony the Closing Ceremony
Prof. Akio Miyamoto Prof. Akio Miyamoto
Dr. Kazuhiro Kikuchi Dr. Kazuhiro Kikuchi