Japan.Incentive Travel Awards 2017

Result Announcement 2017

  • Three incentive programs—selected from a pool of 69 submissions from around the globe—received one of the JAPAN Best Incentive Travel Awards, established by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO).
  • Itinerary submissions were collected from travel agents and event planners around the world. The winning programs illustrated the success of the incentive in meeting client goals, creatively incorporated the unique corporate culture and history of the client, and demonstrated an economic impact on the host destination.
  • The organizers of the winning programs will introduce their itinerary and receive their award at the ceremony on 20 September, before the commencement of the Visit Japan Travel & MICE Mart.
    *Incentive travel is a program specifically designed to motivate employees, most often used to reward top sales staff.

Best Incentive Travel

Event Name

LEXUS China 匠心之旅 Series
(4 series, Total: 86 pax/ 5~8days)


JTB New Century International Tours Co., LTD (China)


This artisan culture themed incentive introduced Lexus dealers to Japan’s manufacturing industry and traditional crafts. In addition to cultural experiences, the program also contributed to the promotion of local industry. The itinerary perfectly illustrates Japan’s MICE Vision: “Japan’s Imagination and Intelligence Propel Business into the future.”

Itinerary (Excerpt)

1st (19 pax)

Day 1 Fukuoka Airport~Hakata Ningyo dolls~Meeting
Day 2 Lexus Kyushu Miyata Plant~Kanmon Straits
Day 3 Bizenyaki Ichiyogama kiln~Bizen Osafune Japanese Sword~Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter~Ohara Museum of Art
Day 4 Korakuen~Free time at Mitsui Outlet Park
Day 5 Return home

2nd (19 pax)

Day 1 Fukuoka Airport~HAKATA Ningyo
Day 2 Hakozaki Shrine~Lexus Kyushu Miyata Plant~Fukuoka Airport~Sendai Airport
Day 3 Chūson-ji Temple~OIGEN (cast iron)~Tokyo Station
Day 4 Kataoka Byobu~INTERSECT BY LEXUS~Omotesando
Day 5 Return home

3rd (30 pax)

Day 1 CS improvement information session
Day 2 Beijing~Osaka~Shitennoji Temple
Day 3 Genbudo Museum
Day 4 Kyoto lacquerware shop~Nagoya
Day 5 Toyoda Sakichi Museum~Toyota Kuragaike Commemorative Hall~Fukuoka
Day 6 Hakozaki Shrine~Free time at Tosu Premium Outlets
Day 7 HAKATA Ningyo
Day 8 CS improvement information session

4th (18 pax)

Day 1 To Fukuoka
Day 2 Hakata Ningyo dolls~Lexus Kyushu Miyata Plant~Kyoto
Day 3 Kawashima Selkon Textiles~Manpukuji Temple (Fucha Ryori cuisine)~Kyoto lacquerware shop
Day 4 Shitennoji Temple~Free time at Rinku Premium Outlets
Day 5 Departure

Best Creative Planning

Event Name

Global Leading Luxury Skincare Brand
-Global Conference 2017-
(4 days/ 360 pax)




This incentive program creatively connected a traditional “koji making” experience and team building program with the roots of the client company products. The attention to detail was ubiquitous throughout all aspects of the program, which also included awards and training sessions, and the atmosphere of hospitality was palpable.
The contemporary use of social media to share information made this program an influencer, promoting Japan as an incentive destination.

Itinerary (Excerpt)

Day 1 Arrival
Day 2
  • Business review & training, group photographs
    Japanese-themed with cherry blossoms (sakura), shoji, Japanese guard frame, and sake barrel at foyer. Decorations included cranes and sakura; and members received gifts of scarves and goods of same design motif.
  • Team building & workshop
    Brewing workshop: Hands-on experience with Koji process, and unrefined sake tasting
    Dressing workshop: Kimono photo competition using Instagram
  • Awards ceremony, certificate-presentation ceremony
  • Reception, Gala dinner
    Sake Barrel Breaking Ceremony with Masu Cup Toast
    Drum performance (courtesy of Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau), and Japanese fusion dance
Day 3 Free time
Day 4 Departure

Best Community Contribution

Event Name

新光生命日本靜岡 Summit
(5days/ 120pax)




This 5 day incentive program took place exclusively in Shizuoka Prefecture. The program successfully delivered high level service, cultural experiences and party surprises expected of an incentive. The organizer also utilized the support programs offered by the Shizuoka government to the fullest and the coordination between the planners and the local suppliers had a huge impact on the local economy and increased its appeal for inbound visitors.

Itinerary (Excerpt)

Day 1 Taoyuan Airport~Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport~Tsumagoi Resort
Day 2 Kakegawa Kachouen~S-Plurse Dream Plaza~Chibi Maruko-chan Land~S-Plurse Dream Ferry~Koibito Misaki~Nishiizu Crystal View Hotel
Day 3 Nishiizu Hotspring~Shuzenji~Joren Falls~Fujisan Hougu Sengentaisha~Wakutama-ike~Fuji Takasago Sake Brewery~Nippon daira Hotel
Day 4 Sumpu Castle Park~Oigawa Railway~Horai Bridge~Sato of Gyokuro Green Tea
Day 5 Kuno-zan Tosyogu Shirne~Nicoe~LaLaport Iwata~Departure

Award Ceremony Highlights 2017

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