Japan.Incentive Travel Awards 2016

Result Announcement 2016

  • Three prize winners were chosen from among the 21 submissions received.
  • Tours chosen were those that excelled in providing a particular benefit to the organizing company as a result of the incentive travel, that conducted innovative events making use of new devices, and that spread the word about local cultures while achieving regional revitalization through exchange with community members.

Best Incentive Travel

Event Name

幸福生根 北國續語 104 年度高極峰會議 (“The Root of Happiness – Story of the North Country: 2015 Summit”)


Lion Travel Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

Travel Program Details

A large-scale incentive travel program from a life insurance company. A total of 6,500 participants traveled across all of Hokkaido for six nights and seven days. Itinerary included sightseeing in various parts of Hokkaido, celebrity talks and dinner parties, and opportunities to cheer on professional Taiwanese baseball players.

Reasons for selection

  • This extremely large-scale (6,500 participants) incentive travel program had a well thought-out itinerary that allowed participants to travel all over Hokkaido.
  • It featured special events unique to incentive travel which could not normally be organized for regular travel, such as talks from celebrities and cheering on Taiwanese baseball players at a baseball game.
  • It was conducted in coordination with the Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation and travel was thus tailored to the characteristics of the region.
  • It received good local media exposure and raised the profile of incentive travel.


Best Creative Planning

Event Name

Chaumet - Hurry up for sales


teamtravel premium GmbH (Germany)

Travel Program Details

Three night, four day incentive travel program for 55 people from an upscale jewelry manufacturer.
The itinerary included presentations from company executives, talks from guest speakers, visits to the company's stores in Japan, and traditional Japanese-style cuisine provided on yakatabune boats and at first-class Japanese restaurants.
In addition, the program took participants on a “Tokyo City Rally,” where participants were split into small groups to participate in a range of experiences around the city using iPads as their guide.

Reasons for selection

  • The Tokyo City Rally program making use of the iPad as an information device was a novel approach to teambuilding. It has high potential for deployment in new programs in other cities as well.
  • It also earned high marks for the way it incorporated communication with community members through the city rally program.


Best Community Contribution

Event Name

Millennium Achievers Tour


JTB Australia Pty Ltd (Australia)

Travel Program Details

Seven night, eight day incentive travel program for 25 people from a Japanese automaker's Australian subsidiary. After a day of sightseeing and a dinner party in Tokyo, participants took part in sightseeing and a range of experiences in Okayama, Kagawa, Tokushima, and Kobe.

Reasons for selection

  • While only a small number of people participated, they went on a broad tour centered on Western Japan, including Tokyo, Okayama, Kagawa, Tokushima, and Kobe, and took part in experiences at each city such as the Awa Odori Festival. The program was thus conducted in line with the characteristics of each region and spread awareness of local cultures while contributing to regional revitalization.
  • Participants travelled long distances but spent ample amounts of time sightseeing in each city, with an itinerary designed to tour each location efficiently.


Thank you for your interest in Japan and for submitting an event for the JAPAN Incentive Travel Awards 2016.
The expert panel of judges had very strict criteria.
This is the first time we have held this award competition and we were very impressed with the high quality of all the submissions.
We do intend to continue the JAPAN Incentive Travel Awards campaign next year, so we hope that you submit another event for consideration in the future.

Ryoichi Matsuyama
President, Japan National Tourism Organization
Ryoichi Matsuyama

Award Ceremony Highlights 2016

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