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Experience Sawara: Stay in a Traditional Merchant House and See the Town

Sawara is a town that still retains the atmosphere of an Edo-period merchant town, and here you can reserve 11 hotels that have been renovated from traditional merchant houses and warehouses. Dinner parties can be held at a restaurant in a renovated sake brewery. This program lets you enjoy the whole of this historic town. Optional content can also be arranged. Examples include ① Walk around town in traditional Japanese clothing; ② Canal tour on small Japanese-style boats; ③ Sake brewery tour; ④ Riverboat banquet cruise on the Tone River (in planning); ⑤ Japanese Sento (public bath) experience (in planning).


  • Staying in a town and not in a constructed theme park is recommended for all-expenses-paid trips and incentive travel. Staying in a place where you can directly experience Japan’s culture and history is a special and unique experience that cannot be had anywhere else. The decentralized accommodation style also prevents crowding for added safety, and the location just 30 minutes from Narita Airport allows for easy access.

Tour Dates


Condition of Application

  • Application period
    2 weeks before your desired date of stay
  • Fees
    Starting at ¥41,200 (Basic plans include 1-night stay with 2 meals); negotiable 
  • No. of participants
    Full-venue rental: 20-35 people
  • Other
    Discounts available for stays of 3 or more consecutive nights. Various attractions, sightseeing tours, etc. available as options at additional cost. Hostel Co-Edo can be used as accommodation for accompanying staff (including tour conductor).

*Capacity might be reduced as part of anti-COVID19 measures. Please confirm them beforehand.

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