Case Studies

Japanese Art Islands and
Traditional Festivals

A motivational award for talented sales representatives; the opportunity to win a trip to an exciting destination is used as an incentive.

Destination: Tokyo Okayama Kobe Tokushima

Duration: 7 nights, 8 days

Delegates: About 30

The top salespersons who participated in the tour are well-traveled. Their request was to offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We organized an exclusive opportunity for the delegates to not only watch the Awa Odori dance festival, which anyone can do, but they were able to join the dance and perform in front of a large audience. The participants absorbed some of the Japanese spirit, giving them new energy for their sales activities.

Day 1:
Flight to Tokyo <First night in Tokyo>
Day 2:
All day sightseeing in Tokyo and welcome dinner party <Second night in Tokyo>
Day 3:

Morning: Travel to Okayama

Afternoon: Sightseeing in Okayama

Evening: Dinner at traditional Japanese restaurant <Overnight stay in Okayama>

Day 4:
Visiting Naoshima, Japan's contemporary art island <Overnight stay in Naoshima>
Day 5-6:
Travel to Shikoku and Kobe for sightseeing <Overnight stay in Kobe>
Day 7:

Morning: Travel to Tokushima

Afternoon: Participating in the iconic Awa Odori dancing and festival <Overnight stay in Kobe>

Day 8:
Return home

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