A Dream Come True – Frolic in the Wonderland of Chocolates

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Satisfy your MICE requirements and your sweet tooth at this chocolate-themed park in 2020. The park is operated by a confectionery company that makes white-chocolate sandwiched cookies named Shiroi Koibito (white lovers) in Hokkaido, the northernmost big island well known for its quality dairy products. After a journey through space and time to witness the history of chocolate, savor the fresh sweets and refreshments at the “sweets buffet” while viewing magnificent scenery from the lounge window.

  • Feature 01

    Shiroi Koibito Park, a popular and unique chocolate entertainment park, offers a private party plan just for 2020.

  • Feature 02

    “Sweets buffet” offering snacks and chocolate drinks as well as alcohol such as beer and wine is included in the plan where guests can relax before dinner.
    *Offering contents vary depending on the plans.

  • Feature 03

    A line of Shiroi Koibito original souvenir cookie cans and keychains that may be customized with company name and logo are available.

  • Feature 04

    4. A 10-minute private event on a miniature train that runs inside the park is available during the spring-summer season.

  • How to apply

    Apply to the content provider

  • Tour Dates

    Private tour of the Chocolate Lounge Oxford: From June to December (Evening hours after the park closes)

    Private event on a miniature train, Shiroi Koibito Railway: From June to July, and September to October

    Note:Both tours will not be offered on the Golden Week holidays, weekends, Japanese holidays, Christmas and New Year holidays.

  • Conditions of application

    Contact for reservation two months prior to the actual tour date.

    Private tour of the Lounge: Up to 80

    10-min. Private miniature train ride (capacity:30/ride)

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