Have Creative Fun Making Traditional Japanese Castings and Lacquerware

Region :
Hokuriku Shinetsu
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Have an extraordinary time getting a first-hand experience in traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Try creating your own original masterpiece with casted metal or lacquerware for an unforgettable keepsake based on ages-old techniques. Since it’s hosted by the Takaoka Regional Industrial Center which promotes Toyama Prefecture’s regional crafts and industries, you can count on expert advice and a helping hand in your casting and lacquerware making adventure.

  • Feature 01

    Experience the techniques of Takaoka’s traditional crafts

  • Feature 02

    Number of participants: up to 40

  • Feature 03

    Castings: A method of “green sand casting” that is often used in the traditional Takaoka copperware casting industry is used to make castings using tin.

  • Feature 04

    Lacquerware: Make original accessories using gold or silver powder sprinkled on lacquer called Maki-e, and decorative lacquerware using shells such as mother-of-pearl and abalone called “Raden”.

  • Feature 05

    Hosted by Takaoka Regional Industrial Center which opened in 1983 and has been actively involved in facilitating museums and showrooms as well as offering people hands-on experiences in casting and lacquerware making.

  • Feature 06

    Only in 2020! Applying via the internet and get a special paper balloon, which was once distributed by household medicine deliveryman of Toyama Prefecture.