Make a Timepiece with Original Dial for an Experience that Lasts a Lifetime

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Hokuriku Shinetsu
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Get a hands-on experience in one of the watch assembly workshops offered by Clock Studio Gishodo in the center of the watchmaking district in Nagano, home for brands like Seiko. Former engineers of these makers will take participants one step at a time through the watch manufacturing process including customization of a dial face with original artwork or photo. MICE guests can also enjoy the theater and exhibitions showcasing the history of clocks, and a replica of an astronomical observation clock tower built 900 years ago.

  • Feature 01

    Available courses range from 20 minutes to 3 hours. The watch assembled in the workshop will be a gift the participant can take home.

  • Feature 02

    Acclaimed as the Switzerland of Orient, the workshop trainers with national certification for watch repair are former engineers of Seiko-Epson, world renowned for their SEIKO brand.

  • Feature 03

    Customize the timepiece by creating a one-of-a-kind dial face with original artwork or photo.

  • Feature 04

    The special 6-hour course offers assembly of a mechanical timepiece that can be used for 100 years and will last a lifetime using 60 movement parts and components.

  • How to apply

  • Tour Dates

    All-year around (with the exception of January 1-3, 2020)

  • Conditions of application

    Applicants must call or write at least two weeks prior to the tour date.

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