Try Curling as a Fun Way to Build Teamwork in Nagano

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Hokuriku Shinetsu
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Perhaps you exercise or work out to stay in shape, but you probably haven't tried the sport of curling. This official Winter Olympic sport is referred to as "chess on ice" due to its strategic nature, and it's actually more mentally and physically challenging that you might imagine. But with professional instructors on hand, MICE guests can advance one step at a time. This sport is an entertaining way to learn about team building through body and mind. The venue in Karuizawa hosts international competitions year-round and is relatively close to Tokyo.

  • Feature 01

    International level instructors will be on hand to show participants how to play the game of curling.

  • Feature 02

    Given the nickname “chess on ice”, curling offers a learning experience that gives participants a first-hand understanding of team building.

  • Feature 03

    Program content can be customized to match requests in advance, such as the background for the event, desired results, and difficulty level of training elements.

  • Feature 04

    4. As a special 2020 reward, all MICE visitors will get a bottle of Ice Park’s original Natural Aromatic Spray (worth 1,100JPY).