”ICE STAR PROJECT” Enjoy the Cold in a Special Way - While it Lasts

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Experience MICE only as you can in Hokkaido during winter. Wrap up a productive day with a party at the Ice Star Restaurant, which mysteriously appears in the Kiroro forest every winter. A welcome cocktail is served in a glass made of ice. If there's no conference during the day, grow team spirit by experiencing the Ice Carousel at a discounted fee. Immerse yourself in the nature of Hokkaido with all your senses by lying on a frozen lake located in a deep snowy forest, looking up at the sky. Then enjoy Hokkaido cuisine in the warm indoors. For MICE in the winter season, Hokkaido is where it's at.

  • Feature 01

    Stay in Hokkaido for a MICE event and get the most out of it with two special wintery activities – Ice Star Restaurant and Ice Carousel.

  • Feature 02

    Ice Carousel is an unprecedented experience sure to fascinate MICE visitors from all around the world

  • Feature 03

    Participants head to the venue on show mobile and take turns experiencing the carousel, 20 participants at a time. MICE event participants can experience with a discounted rate.

  • Feature 04

    2020 is a trial year however from 2021, venue locations will be expanded to lakes throughout Hokkaido to hold the Ice Carousel event.

  • How to apply

    Apply directly to the content provider organization

  • Tour Dates

    Ice Star Resort Kiroro: Until March 15, 2020 (scheduled)

    Ice Carousel: February 10 – 12, 2020 / 2021 winter season (dates TBD)

  • Conditions of application

    For Ice Star Resort Kiroro, it is best to reserve your seat at least seven days prior to the requested date. However, reservations may be accepted until the same day depending on availability. Seats are available for 36 people.

    For Ice Carousel, it is best to apply at least seven days prior to the requested date. However, application may be accepted up to one day before the requested date depending on the number of participants. Applications for the 2021 season are accepted until September 2020. Ice Carousel capacity is 20 people each time.

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    www.cool-star.jp(under construction; scheduled to be completed in March)