“Shuri Castle” Reconstruction Support Program ~ Enhance Your Company’s CSR while Learning to Play Okinawan Music as a Team

Region :
Okinawa Islands
City :

Music is one of the most charming parts of Okinawan culture. Join a special session with Okinawan musicians, divided into four teams in charge of the Sanshin (three strings), Sanba (percussion), Parlank (frame drum), and Shima-daiko (Okinawan drum) that participants will learn to play. Using picture-based, easy-to-understand teaching materials, instruction starts from the basics and will culminate in an ensemble performance of a complete song. At the end, you will take home a Bingata-zome original tapestry dyed with an image of Shurijo Castle and marked with the name of your company.

  • Feature 01

    Build team spirit and improve engagement with each participant while learning how to play Okinawan musical instruments.

  • Feature 02

    Special songs related to the city of Shuri and the castle will be selected for performance.

  • Feature 03

    Part of the fee will go to the reconstruction of Shurijo Castle and enhance the participating party’s corporate social responsibility.

  • Feature 04

    A tapestry with the image of Shurijo Seiden (national palace) made from Okinawa’s traditional dyeing method called Bingata will be given as a gift. The Bingata dyeing is crafted by a workshop that designed the commemorative gifts to international leaders who attended the Kyushu-Okinawa G8 Summit in 2000.

  • How to apply


    Applications are accepted at all times.

  • Tour Dates

    January 6 ~ December 28, 2020

  • Conditions of application

    Participants should confirm vacancy 90 days prior to the desired date of the tour.

    After booking, the contract should be signed 60 days prior to the desired date of the tour.

    Please transfer the program fee within 30 days after the contract is concluded.

    Up to 400 can participate.

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