Model Course #3

Traveling in Tohoku
(Sendai, Yamagata)

Day 1

Travel to Japan

Day 2

Narita or Haneda airports


(Board Tohoku shinkansen bullet train to Morioka)

Learn about environmentally friendly farming techniques at Koiwai Farm

The leading dairy farming district in Japan is an environmentally friendly farm focused on circular agriculture, forestry and raising livestock.



<Overnight in Shizukuishi>

Day 3


(Sightseeing in Morioka)

Morioka wanko-soba noodle experience

Soba or buckwheat noodles are the underlying foundation of Japanese noodle culture. The culture of Wanko Soba Noodles was born in Morioka from the spirit of hospitality and the desire to savour the goodness of soba as much as possible.



Konjiki-do Golden Hall

A World Heritage site, Konjikido Golden Hall represents the epitome of the craft technology of its day.



<Overnight in Sendai>

Day 4


(Tour Yamadera)

*Experience imoni stew at Yamadera

In the northern regions where rice is difficult to grow in cold climates, potatoes were often substituted as a food staple. In the autumn, the tradition of celebrating the harvest is still alive and imoni taro root stew is cooked with friends and neighbors.


Sendai to Tokyo

Party plan

In large cities like Tokyo, there is an intersection of both the traditional and the modern. It's possible to bring together traditional arts while using state-of-the-art technology.


<Overnight in Tokyo>

Day 5

Depart Japan from Haneda or Narita airports or fly to Osaka for return flight home

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